Eternal Surveillance Liza

gilesdavis 316

This is the eternal list that won me those sweet af Indexings, taking first place in one of the eternal pods (I think technically Swiftie and I tied for first).

I threw it together the morning of the event, just grabbed the grossest looking standard CS Liza list and jamming it full to the brim with all the busted blue cards.

Highlight of my whole worlds experience was R1 of this side event. Paired against Swiftie, he proceeds to Dype the shit outta my Russian NEH (with the Godfather of Dype Rotage spectating, no less) for 10 points. I got my revenge immediately, siphoning him below psychobeale range consistently before Surveillance-ing him for 11 points.

Eternal is a helluva drug <3

1 Nov 2020 DonLoverGate

Yess, join the Liza club

Congrats on the awesome finish my friend