VLAN Tagging

Emokidcries 2

This is my first go at building a deck.please be honest. I’m new and still learning.

24 Dec 2017 PureFlight

Good Job!

You have a lot of agendas. I think you need to take out six 3/1 for three Project Beale. This greatly reduces the chance of the runner stealing agendas out of your hand and deck.

Minelayer is better if you have a lot of ice, which you do not. You should switch it out for a better piece of ice.

Mushin is fun, but remember that it requires a new server, so whatever you put there is hard to defend. I don't think this deck really benefits from having it.

If you're looking for ways to spend your influence, an Archived Memories is good for getting back some of your powerful events like Hard-Hitting News or Exchange of Information.

25 Dec 2017 5N00P1

Breaking News is not legal anymore if that is something you want to take into account!

28 Dec 2017 RvdH83

SYNC requires only 40 cards, so I suggest building a 44 card deck. Agenda wise you probably want 3x Global Food Initiative and 3x Project Beale. Quantum Predictive Model is also a common include, which gives you the 18 agenda points you need. Take 3x Data Raven to protect those QPMs and build from there.