Trace them to the sky

InquisiteurArax 24

This is my latest version of a belief I (wrongly) got early in my Netrunner career : NBN is the control/tax faction.

With that (false) idea in mind, I have always tried to make NBN: Making News work and as time went by, cards entered the cardpool to make it (almost) work !

Hence that latest iteration, with a decent 45% winrate on

The whole idea of the deck is to make Traces work, even against filthy rich runners and hopefully against some that have link. One big advantage this deck will get is that almost every card synergize with the others, the problem being that trace are bad and they are your foundation ^^

Agenda suite :

Improved Tracers are a blast in this deck : making all your ICE stronger and more expensive to break and making their subroutines more taxing if you let them go. An early score of this can be a big step towards winning.

Net Quarantine if scored makes this deck works wonder. All of a sudden, with your ID, Hard Hitting News becomes a 3 credit event : The runner chose : -lose 6 credits and the corp gain 3 or take 4 tags. With two scored things are even more ridiculous. It becomes even better with a real MVP we will come shortly to...

Paper Trail is mainly there because it is occasionally funny and to see the face of the runner when he sees it and needs to read it. Global Food Initiative used to be Restructured Datapool but as rotation went and as loosing to 3 pointers is annoying... they came

The MVPs

Surveillance Sweep, as I detailed when I reviewed it a while ago, makes Traces decent. With Net Quarantine it makes them awesome. A runner reaching an Ash 2X3ZB9CY in a server with the Sweeps on and a Net Quarantine scored needs to have more than 12 credits more... than the double of your credit pool to be able to access... Knowing that if they do you will cash in half of the money they spent ! Combined with really taxing Ice (Macrophage is a monster with the Sweep in ) they will likely have to run twice, bankrupting themselves in the process.

Aryabhata Tech behind a Macrophage is a pain to trash, costing a no link runner at least 9 credits (3 traces you don't want to contest, passing the ETR boosted with your ID credits then actually trashing...).

Aside from those, the Ice is REALLY taxing once you are a bit set up and the economy runs okay with all the operations and late game Biased Reporting (and occasional money HHN )

The deck is far from Tier 1 but really fun to play and even works some times ! Give it a try :)