Philippine Nationals Champion - EdKim

Powar 219

This is the Kim deck I took to Philippine Nationals. I decided to take a normal Anarch since my DDOS, En Passant, Bhagaht-Maw wasn't doing too well in practices. Decided on Kim because I hate clearances and they must all face the hammer. These days, normal anarchs have their deck pretty much built save for a few tech cards. There are people much better at deck building than I am, so I decided to go with @firesa 's list switching up a career fair and a femme for two turtles. the 46th card is the third a same old thing.

The deck performed well on the day beating two stinson CIs and a hydra Ag. Dropping a game to a CI because I couldn't find an orchestra. Closest game was against AgInfusion which I narrowly won by Imp-ing a future perfect and then running on archives to siphon the corp by betting 0 every time.

19 Nov 2017 firesa

Nice job, did you feel the turtles were worth it? Without femme you can probably cut retrieval run though I guess it's still nice to recur imps and david. Anyway congrats!

19 Nov 2017 Powar

Thanks @firesa! I'm not convinced turtles are the way to go. I also almost cut out the retrieval run after removing femme, but D4VID recursion is key in Ag and Fairchilds. Maybe one of each?

One edit I would make is putting in spooned over forked. There are more targets in all matchups except PU.

19 Nov 2017 firesa

nice, np yeah I mean turtles are something I'm not sold on either. We actually started with spooned but felt that fc3 wasn't that scary, but with an influx of CI decks that actually play a real 5/3 and therefore more fc3, spooned might be better again. Could always cut a third sot for a spooned and play one of each cutlery ;) I think if you cut turtles, going back to femme is perfectly fine as well

20 Nov 2017 Powar

Yeah, I think maybe your original Femme decision is the correct one. It's quite different to play from the Val list which likes making lots of runs through their bad pub to power up the turtle. This deck runs less, but most of the time is with either a maker's eye or a legwork, so turtle doesn't really get that much stronger. Oh, ID ability is also a counter synergy with turtle.

20 Nov 2017 jrda25

Congrats, Gerret @Powar!