[C2R] After This Commercial Break

gumonshoe 2973

Here's something entirely different. Sub Boost is used largely to "fix" ice. This isn't going to work vs any decks linking up, but linking up is a bit less common. Rover algorithm + Quicksand makes multi-running any server for advantage kind of awful.

Cutlery is bad for the deck, but otherwise you've got legs vs a lot of the core strategies.

20 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

No Resistor?

20 Sep 2017 esutter479

Resistor is not great if you aren't able to tag-spam and stick 'em. I've been finding that out the hard way lately in my MN, which I will post soon. :)

21 Sep 2017 Iron_Soul

Have you considered a one-of tag punishment card in the event a runner decides to float something? Closed accounts comes to mind.

21 Sep 2017 rex_monolith

Might be a dumb question but why so much Ice when there is only 1 asset and that goes straight back into the stack if trashed anyway ?? What about Aryabhata Tech to cash in on all the traces - it works like a dream with Macrophage.

21 Sep 2017 hi_impact

Biased Reporting is too good not to play.

22 Sep 2017 gumonshoe

You can replace IPO with Biased Reporting, probably a strict upgrade.