Sacrificial Anarch destroyer

Negan 67

This deck can have any 45/15 Anarch identity (except Maxx) and the identity says:

The Corp loses in 10th turn if he or she didn't interfere with your sacrifice ritual.

Backgroud voice: Shame, shame, shame. It is the 9th turn, you have lost the game.

So for the deck. Identity - Quetzal is there just to confuse the Corp player.

Play Sure Gamble, put Bookmark and Laguna on the table. Draw 2 cards. Put Emptied Mind on the table.

For next 6 turns: draw 6 cards, put 6 cards on the Bookmark (free click from Emptied Mind every turn).

Occasionally put Trope and Same Old Think on the table whenever drawn and of course play Sure Gamble/Day Job.

If you have 9 cards or less left in the Stack and 3x I've Had Worse on bookmark and Titanium Ribs + Respirocytes as well you are ready to sacrifice your little life in order to crush the Corporation bast*rds.

Take all cards from the Bookmark. Put Ribs and then Respirocytes on the table. This will trigger damage for I've Had Worse to draw the last cards.

Then Amped Up 3x + Same Old Thing for Amped Up 3x. Déjà Vu 3x for Amped Up. Fire Thrope to repeat the process. Put down Salvaged Vanadis Armory and try Stimhack on Archives to confuse the Corporation.

Fire Salvaged Vanadis Armory and mill cca 15 cards. Repeat with another Stimhack. mill 16 then 17 cards ...

Fire the second Trope to repeat the process to mill up to 108 cards from Corp R&D.

Install Eden Shard and open Netrunner rulebook on the page 3.

Read to Corporation this sentence: Runner wins if the Corporation must draw a card from his empty draw deck.

Fire last Armory after last Stimhack and fire the Eden Shard. Corporation was completely destoyed to the grounds. Unfortunately your little life will end shorty after this triumphal end.

Lastly: Ban this Decklist and NEVER PLAY IT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

29 Aug 2017 fozza

I love this idea, but I don't think you can play that many brain damage cards since you lose the game immedietly when your handsize is less than zero, unfortunately. I would suggest maybe include Titanium Ribs or more meat damage giving card and skip the stimhacks?

29 Aug 2017 fozza

Apparently I don't know the rules, Ignore my previous comment... Sorry mate!

30 Aug 2017 Euky27

I saw this deck in live play versus Jinteki: AgInfusion with Blacklist included. Although the Bklacklist was rezzed, mill for 30 cards with combination of Eden Shard in turn 9 was the end for the corp. Good job, looking for a new MWL to add some influece for Salvaged Vanadis Armory. But on the other side, if you slow this deck only a bit, the chance you will be destroyed by empty R&D will be increased even if the Blacklist would be on the table - more turns = less R&D cards... So the only way is to do some damage and flatline runner or to be faster :)

30 Aug 2017 Negan

If corp plays Bio-Ethics Association you can still take cards before the Corp do the damage when its turn begins. It will of course cause inconsistency of your deck, but the win can still be achieved. The real problems are cards that can be played without a run. These are: Contract Killer, Ronin and Best Defense. If you don't expect them in the corp deck and the Corp plays at least one of them, then they have a posibility to destroy your sacrificial ritual. There are maybe other means, but you can expect them and place New Angeles City Hall on board ... e.q. Breaking News etc.

31 Aug 2017 pAblO