Super Massive Brain Damage and turn it into Access

Cliquil 1141

So there you are, you've just picked up nearly your entire deck from Bookmark.

You've built up some money.

Your ribs are Titanium.

What do you do?

If you're answer is "Take enough Brain Damage that I die"

This might be the deck for you.

So in case the combo is not obvious.

You Amped Up 3 times, you Deja Vu for Amped up 3 times. If possibly you SOT for Amped Up. You then install Salvaged Vanadis, Stimhack and do that final combo three times. Depending on if you have milled the corp at that point you either

A. Hades Shard for as many points as you can B. Eden Shard to make the corp draw and lose.

Its not very good Netrunner in terms of gameplay or viability against rushier decks. But the flavour is hilarious; you inject all the drugs ever, then tool up and destroy a corp where they live.

9/10 would make myself die to brain damage just after winning again.

22 Aug 2017 emilyspine

deck has legs and ribs but no head, what a monster

22 Aug 2017 Crauseon

I might try this in Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire and use those clicks I get from Amped Up to install a bunch of viruses for added hilarity!

Take that, Estelle Moon!

22 Aug 2017 Cliquil

@CrauseonI did consider Noise and the added hilarity is interesting so you definitely have a good brain on you! :D . Funnily enough I found myself with not too many clicks left over once the installing (and occasional clicking for credits) was done. That said the main reason for selecting Whizzard was that I could masquerade as a proper deck to try and encourage durdle on the corp side.

And by god Moons hoses this deck I'm afraid. They win so much faster than you can set up.

@emilyspineThank you, as always, for adding further colour to my flavour! :D

22 Aug 2017 Crauseon

@Cliquil, sad to hear that. I haven't played actively for half a year or so, but we sit down with the chaps for weekly games (or at least chit-chat) weekly. We thought that milling could be a good counter against Moon (after Jackson rotates), as their deck whittles down pretty fast. But that's all just a theory at the moment, sad to say.

But maining Anarch and having had shit-tons of fun with a self-damaging Clan Vengeance MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock, I have all the respect for this kind of wonkiness!

22 Aug 2017 Cliquil

@CrauseonYou're not wrong that there are games, particularly when Moons sets up slower either through player inexperience or bad luck, where milling them can be a thing. I have done it with a Dyperish deck I played not that long ago. That deck had a lot more game than this though - this kind of needs to draw its entire deck to be viable, most Dyper decks work without needing to do that. I suspect that Moons at its height though would have squashed that deck though.

I have typically been a shaper player, but I do rather enjoy Anarch holidays into just "smash it repeatedly and hope for the best" . :D

23 Aug 2017 SillySod

Needs a Brain Cage.

You know, to help protect your brain from all that damage.

23 Aug 2017 Cliquil

I can't believe I missed that! Major flavour fail on my part!