Highway Robbery (Matrix DDM) with SMC (2-1 CO Springs GNK)

jase2224 311

This is the deck I brought to one of our pre-regional/GNK tournaments in Colorado. I decided to go with Shaper since I haven't claimed a spot in a tournament as runner beyond Criminal and wanted to go for the Self-modifying Personality badge on Always Be Running.net. The morning of the tournament, I saw this as the decklist of the week and made a few changes based on the Colorado meta (usually tag and bag). Hence the cut of a dirty laundry for a NACH. I also added the SMCs to try and get the rig set up quicker, because I'm used to playing Criminal and playing aggressively.

I ended up going 2-1 as runner with wins against PE and Door to Door Making News deck. The loss was against a CI deck, which after scoring a Successful Field Test made any chances of winning very difficult. My corp deck went undefeated giving me 15 points to take the win in a brief, but very fun 8 person tournament in Colorado Springs, CO.