Propaganda War

ChrisFerg 390

Sometimes, when the corporations' evil is too well hidden, you need to take things into your own hands if you're going to get the public riled up enough to do anything or the authorities to pay any attention. Any accusations of foul play can be countered by sowing your own conspiracy theories. And at least that way you can properly prepare for the fight ahead.

This deck is pretty all-in on the plan of hurting yourself to force the corp to trash their hand and then going through their trash, plus things that compensate for all the brain damage. Using stimhacks to get the conspiracy breakers out and stimdealers to help set up fast while actively wanting their downsides feels pretty great.

This is my first published deck, and any advice on it would be greatly appreciated!

Inspired by the decks Fight Club by ntahfs and The Privilege Check by Ironcache.

21 Jun 2017 aermet69

I dig it. I love the draw-engine with Synth-blood. Maybe do a few cuts to get Levy? Or is Trope enough? Maybe there is also too much overlap between your deck and ID? Maybe an ID that can pressure a different server than Archives would be stronger? Though the theme is strong with Alice :)

21 Jun 2017 ChrisFerg

Thanks for the comments! Yeh, i think the trope is plenty - i did have 3x trope but just barely ever needed them - it's a 50 card deck, and you usually either win or lose by the time you get near the end of it! But if after more testing games look like they're going longer, i think another trope would be enough.

Re. the ID, yes I did have similar thoughts. It works well in Alice because an officer frank plus Alice's ability is enough to really put pressure on HQ, meaning you can save up clan vengeances until they get to 4 and access the whole hand rather than popping both clan and frank at once, so you can disrupt their hand more often and earlier. The downside of Alice is that corps will ice up archives earlier, but they'll do that anyway once they know what's going on. Definitely worth trying, though I imagine if running in another id would probably need more sensible cards to make playing normal netrunner worthwhile rather being so all-in on the trash plan.

21 Jun 2017 x3r0h0ur

Looks a lot like the path I was going down with maxx ( and worked to this point: (

I never thought of synthetic blood, though in maxx its not necessary I'd bet. I wonder if starting as maxx and rebirthing to Alice is better. After the first pass the draw engine is up and alice's ability would be interesting. I like the officer frank synergy I'll have to look at working that in.

How do you feel about the draw in the deck? Maxx adds a lot to my deck, and its not quite 50. Does the synthblood add enough to get through it?

21 Jun 2017 ChrisFerg

Thanks x3r0h0ur. Yes starting it in Maxx and rebirthing once you're set up might well be a better idea, but again one of the nice things about alice is the ability to really pressure early to disrupt the corp's setup. But if you're planning to levy, then i suppose you don't have to be so stingy with the franks and vengeances and can just pop them with one counter on them knowing you'll get them back. Synthetic Blood definitely draws you a good amount of cards, but i think the main problem with it is that it only starts drawing for you once you're already set up - you don't want to do too much damage to yourself before you've got at least 1 clan vengeance out, so i'm often clicking to draw a fair bit in teh first few turns (although injects and IHW help with that). So yes, starting in maxx and rebirthing to Alice as soon as you're set up enough might well work better, i'll give it a go.

24 Jun 2017 Hongkong Koma

I too think that's the way to go with Alice.

24 Jun 2017 Hongkong Koma

Ever thought about Persephone to suffer sentry's damage?

14 Jul 2017 PowerBunz

Would you rather use Utopia Shard over Eden Shard? Or is the Eden just to make sure you get value out of your various forced discards?

Also, would you consider Maw to further double down on random discards over Brain Chip, given you already have up to plus 11 hand size with Origami and Brain Cage? Perhaps the economy can't quite handle that kind of hit though.

14 Jul 2017 ChrisFerg

thanks for the comments Hongkong Koma and PowerBunz!

@Hongkong Koma- i haven't tried Persophone. My feeling is that it's too situational, and also that the deck has too little money for it, but would certainly be fun try to to build around it: if persephone's going to work anywhere, it might well be in this kind of build.

@PowerBunz - my current version of this deck is actually very different, and has lost the Eden Shard. The idea with it was basically that a key way to lose with this deck is for the corp just to mandatory draw into an agenda, stick it in a super remote that you're locked out of, score it, and repeat, so the idea was that in those situations you can make them draw before you pop a Vengeance to increase your chances (very slightly) of hitting an agenda. Fitting in some Fisk Investment Seminars might be better. This build i think you'd probably still want the brain cage, but my current version has lost it, replaced the stim dealers for 3x amped up, and replaced the origamis with Public Sympathies. Maw would also be interesting, but I think probably what this deck is missing is R&D pressure rather than additional HQ pressure, and yes as you say the economy's probably too tight to be making many runs vs anything but asset spam....

24 Jul 2017 Inermis

Hey! We manage to tweak this idea and break the meta at Regionals!

26 Jul 2017 ChrisFerg

Hey @Inermis! great job, congrats!! Your list looks great - I've also got a very modified version of this by now which i'll try to take to a big tournament of some sort, and it looks like you took a lot of the same decisions that I have (especially taking it out of Alice, and career fairs which really help).