Satellite Uplink 512

19 Apr 2014 secretsecret

What's the idea behind FAO instead of Emergency Shutdown?

19 Apr 2014 Satellite Uplink

They're very different roles. Forged Activation Orders means you can avoid faceplanting on things, while Emergency Shutdown forces the Corp to pay twice. I think right now neither card is actually particularly strong as the Corp's economy is good enough to be able to pay them both off easily enough.

My personal style isn't to hit HQ hard, so I rarely use Emergency Shutdown when it's in my deck, and FAO helps me understand the Corp's defences and plan appropriately.

But like I said, I don't think either card is as good at the end of Spin Cycle as it was at the beginning.

19 Apr 2014 Satellite Uplink

I talk a little about the deck here. Not in much detail, though...

22 Apr 2014 Alsciende

Nice deck. I would replace the FAO. Probably 1 Mr. Li, 2 Same Old Thing.