Batty Brain Damage

dbAdmin 47

Brain damage deck. Plays like a typical HB glacier but Batty can go on any server with a brain damage ICE. Recursion from Architect or Friends can go get more Batty! Defective Brainchips and Sentinel Defense Program up the ante, and Black Level Clearance can be the HB version of Caprice Nisei in your endgame scoring server. Watch your opponent take one or two brain damage early and not realize how close they are to their doom! That, or they will notice you are playing brain damage and play too cautiously while you score out.

The ICE suite could be updated; that's always the weakest part of my decks. I included Heimdall 2.0 as a shocking big ICE to go on a scoring server. For shock value, that's fine, but it could be replaced. Executive Functioning is new, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.