Supermodernism v2.L

lopert 1578

My take on the Supermodernism v2 deck.

I've swapped out the 2x Anonymous Tip for 2x Jackson Howard. I feel being able to recall the 3x Snare (or any operation), as well as being able to mess with Indexing / R&D lock is too good of a tool to pass up in favour of increasing the draw speed.

I've swapped out the 1x Government Contracts for 1x The Cleaners, but I don't think this change is anything new. I assume Supermodernism v2.1 will do this change as well. If scored, The Cleaners allows you to 2x Scorched Earth a runner through 1x Plascrete Carapace.

I am debating dropping down to SEA Source to 1x. With Atlas, I have never found myself needing a second SEA Source to secure a flatline win. This would open up 2 influence points for many interesting cards, such as:

Neural Katana - I really like this as a facecheck punisher. Place in front of R&D and the runner dies to this and Snare.

Ichi 1.0 - Another form of program trashing to punish low program redundancy runners (mostly criminals). The trace is acceptable since we should be able to afford to make it land with Weyland's economy, and the Tag + Brain Damage really fit in to our second win condition.

Aggressive Secretary - Another form of program trashing to punish low program redundancy runners (mostly criminals). Even if this gets trashed from R&D, the runner may now believe that you are running traps and be wary of any advanced card.

Red Herrings, Ash, and Bernice Mai - Standard agenda protection upgrades and another bluff tool to make the runner run through your server to get a SEA Source off. The low trash cost and general strategy of this deck (hard ETR ice) make this less appealing.

Neural EMP - Probably not worth it as a 1x.

I will playtest both Neural Katana and Aggressive Secretary.
15 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

I'm playing for the first time in two months tomorrow and I've been tweaking this deck for my play style. I don't tend to advance atlas more than the three needed as I couldn't leave anything in a server more than one turn in my local environment. In any case, with second thoughts and this being Weyland I dropped the three GLC, one grim, one bastion, 3 enigma and both chimera for swordsmanx3, Hadrian's wallx1, datapikex3 (more expensive to break than enigma IMO) and restructurex3. I had already subbed the cleaners for GC. I needed the influence for swordsman to kill Atman which left me seeing if restructure screws me tomorrow or not. Lol. I would go with neural katana personally, but I've been out of the local even so I don't know how popular shaper deus x is right now. I'll see tomorrow. Thanks for the deck, I dislike tag and bag but I'm hoping that throws the people who know me off because they're not expecting it. :)