Spyware v3.8

Snake Eyes 4620



This is the hot new Spyware build, modded to handle the complexities of outdated Marshian AVG style anti-virus freeware.

Deuces on the Mad Dash. Win at 5 natural points.
All in on the Faust train and only a sole Apocalypse.

16 Mar 2017 shazzner

This looks pretty close to my Apex deck. The single Paricia is the right call too.

17 Mar 2017 x3r0h0ur

For hilarious theme with moderate functionality I went to what amounts to +1 top hat, +1 skull jack, -1 rumor mill -1 paircia (some other minor changes).

The idea that apex gets a skull so it can get a ponytail (skulljack) and a top hat was way too fucking hilarious to pass, plus both of those cards do actually do something useful!

17 Mar 2017 rezwits

@x3r0h0urha hahaha ha

18 Mar 2017 Snake Eyes

Skulljack is a fun call to help against trashes. I looked at it way earlier. Paricia at 0 and 1 inf won me over for that job. Being able to prevent the Brain Damage with Heartbeat is pretty spicy though. If Skulljack were only 1 inf I'd probably be all over it as an extra add here.

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I like the theme that you're doing with it @x3r0h0ur - Top Hat definitely has fun synergy with 'ol Single Access Apex when it's Spy Cams don't hit. Cost is right, and I guess it could help you dodge some of the defensive upgrades on RnD. Rumor Mill is probably a stronger pick against more matchups, but I can see what's happening here, and I like it!