The Juggler's Assistant (3rd @ RandomNet #4)

J-Flex 133

For RandomNet #4 I was randomly assigned Laramy Fisk as my Runner ID. Based on previous jank tournaments, I was expecting to be drawn Crim and was planning on building a Whale deck but with Fisk I went all in on the forced Corp drawing with the rough game plan of forcing the Corp to either discard agendas or keep them in hand so I can go get them.

juggle fail

The deck includes lotsa money, lotsa draw which even a jank deck needs so you can get to your more silly cards and then actually play them. Logos is included to help with hand size (you're drawing cards too!) but also to go get the unique or non-tutorable cards you need to mess with the Corp (Eden Shard, System Outage, Equivocation)

Super Ideal Turn: The aim of the day was to have a perfect "Fisk" turn where you force loads of cards into HQ and then go for a massive Information Sifting which puts the Corp into a no-win situation and you bag a bunch of points. (Best I managed on the day was an 11 card Information Sifting, and I picked the right pile to score 2 agendas and win the game)

Only do this if the Corp is at their max hand-size: 1: Fisk Investment Seminar - this has to be the first click, if the Corp player is groaning already at this, you're onto a winner [Corp hand +3 cards]

Other Clicks : Run R+D with Equivocation to get the Corp drawing more cards. Always reveal before considering the Fisk draw. If it's an agenda, leave on top and decline the Fisk draw (sad times), else make the Corp draw the revealed card, then do the Fisk draw and access the next card down. Bonus points to have System Outage in play so that after the Equivocation draw, the Corp loses a credit for each card you make them draw. A whole turn of Equivocation and System Outage can net the Corp +5 Cards and -4 - delicious! There are other alternatives should you wish to make it hard the Corp player to deal with the influx of cards.

4: Information Sifting - Only play if you can guarantee HQ access, you would have probed HQ earlier with siphons or exploratory runs. Before the run is made successful, pop the shard and trigger Fisk if you haven't already done so [Corp hand +2 cards] and then sit back whilst the Corp player has a good think about how they split their massive hand of cards - Legwork eat your heart out. Bonus points if you already have Bhagat installed so they lose another card to Archives. Theoretical best with FIS, 2 Equivocation-fueled runs will lead to +8 cards in hand so potentially a 13 card Information Sifting! (plus 1 card sent to Archives)

Obviously it would probably be terminal against damage decks but luckily I managed to dodge them on the day. In actual fact, Sifting is a bit of a trap as the Corp has control over what cards you access and a lopsided split (2 cards + 5 cards) actual turn the power access into a stressful mind game you've just played on yourself - that's the Fisk way. If you are unlucky to access a bunch of cards and pick the wrong pile, you can always punish them for being smarter than you and rewind the game - not so smart now, hey Corp?!

On the day, Fisk managed a win off a big Information Sifting, a timed win after my Corp game went long and a loss where I spent a lot of time making Weyland overdraw to have them quietly score out to win the game - more often than not Fisk just helps the Corp.