1st Place SC Hasselt: Dyper 2.0 (5-0)

ryanbantwins 1966

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This is the runner deck that I played during the SC in Hasselt, paired with Biotech guessright. It went 5-0, 3 of those wins were by milling the corp. Important to note, Quorum wasn't legal yet.

This is a variation of the classic Dyper deck that we all love. With equivocation it got a new strong tool, yet not one that fits perfectly in what I normally try to do. While it does let you often see 4 cards (instead of 3) and removes extra non-agendas from R&D it also kills the plan I previously had to check their hand with Turning Wheel afterwards. That doesn't really work that well if you send 10 cards to HQ. And if we abandon the plan to check HQ with TTW, the notoriety becomes less good because you have no incentive to run HQ. So instead of including extra cards to secure the 7th point I decided to use Equivocation to it's full potential and include more clicks for the comboturn in my deck in order to mill my opponent. And so Dyper 2.0 was born.

The early gameplan doesn't change, build as fast as you can. Be efficient and know what you need. It's an easy mistake to build too much and to keep drawing even when you already have what you need.

After that you just fire your combo and mill 2x[amount of clicks left]cards. This should bring your opponent to 0 cards. On his next turn he will lose because he is unable to draw even if he got the win in hand.

A big difference with normal Dyper is the interaction with Jackson. Normal Dyper needs to include anti-JH cards or hunt them down during the comboturn. This deck can calculate them in. And every possible JH is just another 3 cards to mill. Don't bother trashing them, it's barely efficient.

Special choices

Amped Up: Expensive on influence, but an easy way to get extra clicks (and who cares about brain dmg). Don't dream about the full 20 clicks, that's not why they are here. It's more about making it easier to gather a lot of clicks by having more options.

Only 1 DDoS: Living on the edge. Scary choice because you can only DDoS once, so no early interaction is possible. Don't lose it, you need to think were it is the safest against certain decks, installed or in your hand.

NACH: I used to have 2 hoppers as my dmg protection, but I was still dying to BN BOOM decks. NACH is a hard counter. Didn't need it, but it's a keeper.

Brahman: ETF is popular and ABT is a thing. Escher might not always be enough and you have some free leprechauns to sacrifice. Didn't use it, but I think it's a better include than atman.

Eden shard: Extra Milling, tutorable with AC or installed after Equivoc fires. It's included to force the opponent to pop their JH. Otherwhise they could pop it at the beginning of their turn and biotic out the win, because they can actually draw. No reason to waste your time checking those stupid remotes.

No beth: Too slow for Dyper, also why would your opponent ever have more than 15 creds.


Round 1 vs Mysterious CI: CI should be pretty easy. I have a suprise Eden shard in case of CI7 and I don't have to run. Game is pretty quick. I build and he draws. When I have enough clicks to mill him and starts my comboturn, he concedes to keep his CI mysterious.

Round 2 vs Sponsorship ETF: My opponent starts to rush and gets to fire an ABT giving him one rezzed ICE in front of R&D. On my comboturn I play Escher and start to mill him. When I have 4 clicks left and his R&D is empty I tutor Eden Shard to mill him. He did have a JH but it wouldn't have mattered because of the clicks I had left.

Round 3 vs PU: Bwergh, not a good matchup, hostiles are really annoying and I have to be carefull with my DDoS. He scores 2 early HoK because I can't check those between the Psychic fields. I do use the fan site early to tutor my DDoS, to keep it safe. He has multiple unknown servers and I'm scared so I decide to fire it of early. HoK costs me clicks and I have to be carefull for a suprise rez of Hostile inf. It turns out he didn't play hostile but because of that and a double JH I don't manage to mill him completely. Due to the shocks and Future perfects in archives, I won't be able to score out either. Knowing that he will get a turn I decide to draw up to survive a combination of neurals and bio ethics. Brahman is enough pressure to slow him down on reinforcing R&D and scoring remote. And Eden shard for the finsihing blow.

Round 4: ID: We played the boardgame patchwork, I did win twice tho :p .

Top 4 Game 1vs ETF Batty friends: I manage to snipe a naked vitruvius (smelled it), and he fails an ABT giving me another agenda. That doesn't stop him from rushing and trying to lock me out of R&D. I'm not finding the right pieces and have to sacrifice one of those agendas and a fan site to get DDoS and Keyhole. I'm missing a hyperdriver and I don't have enough clicks to mill him but he has no unknown assets and I just trash the agendas and win on 7 points.

Top 4 Game 2 vs Grail Palana: He rushes out with his 3/2's and I'm setting up as usual. I manage to get a lot of clicks and a Keyhole and one fan site for AC, but not my DDoS or Equivoc (nor SMC). When he installs something in his scoring remote, I figure it all out. I'm gonna tutor DDoS, pop it, score the agenda, sell the agenda for equivoc and mill him. It gets kinda akward when I access the JH in the remote, whoops. But because of the amount of clicks left I can just keyhole 7 points and win with 5 clicks left.

23 Jan 2017 Swiftie

Interesting take, i like the eden shard for the quick win if needed. Will try it out at some point.

24 Jan 2017 rotage

Nice, always good to see Dyper decks do well. What changes do you plan with Quorum? Any other changes you would make?

24 Jan 2017 ryanbantwins

'Peace in our time' will be an easy include, probably cutting the 2 amped up. They were fun and did good work but having more econ and a second DDoS is a bit safer. I think I will add 2 interdiction but keep the eden shard. It will be more focussed on getting 7 points rather than milling, yet keeping the option open.

If I want to play Dyper 2.0 (aka milling) I wont change a thing I think.

24 Jan 2017 Cluster Fox

"This is a variation of the classic Dyper deck that we all love." - lol. Well, 50% of people playing a game of Netrunner like it so I guess there's an argument to be made. :P