Satellite Uplink 512

Definitely some DNA in here from Untrashables.

A deck designed to be painful to run against - virtually no ice is easily broken by the most common icebreakers and you just tax and tax the runner until they've nothing left to give.

9 Apr 2014 db0

Only problem is that Caprice does not sync very well with Hokusai and you also rely on luck to prevent scoring against big-rigs.

You might also have some significant problems against trashers like Imp/Whizzard. If they can get some deep access into your R&D and trash your niseis and sundews, or just make sure they trash all assets you play, you'll find it difficult to recover. Granted you have Celebrity Gift as a backup, but a I believe tag-me econ denial decks are going to cause you a lot of troubles.

9 Apr 2014 Satellite Uplink

Hokusai and Caprice aren't intended to sit on the same servers. They're intended to both frustrate in their own way, and as a happy coincidence they may cause some confusion on the runner's part as to which they're facing. I'm hopefully taxing damage as much as cash

Whizzard will pull this deck's pants down, obviously. I don't think you can easily avoid that, though. Whizzard is the Scissors to this deck's Paper.

Personally I think the deck is probably rubbish. Not everything I post on here is intended to be good! ;-)

10 Apr 2014 db0

mm, I guess different approaches. I tend to playtest my decks to see if they're semi-viable before making public :)

16 Apr 2014 Satellite Uplink

I do the exact opposite. I use this to throw out random deck ideas then the ones that get refined to actually be good are then taken offline.