Harmonic Psi V1.0

omnijeff 518

It started a rush deck in Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded for the speed and generic Faust hate, but after putting in enough Jinteki cards and being annoyed at the 4 card hand size, I took the plunge and swapped the ID. Then, I ended up converting it all to a derivation of "Faust is the Disease", taking it to its logical conclusions. This version, to be contrasted from the above, has not yet won a store championship.

I'll be honest, I ditched the Self-destruct without giving it an honest shake. The deck seemed a bit ice heavy at 19 ice over 44 cards. I trimmed this down, keeping the Hive (real big star of the deck) and converted it into a second Medical Research Fundraiser, 3x Marcus Batty, and a Cyberdex Virus Suite.

This deck plays exactly the same as its predecessor:

How to play in 3 simple steps; 1) Rez Hive 2) Win Psi Games 3) Score 2 agendas and just win

1 Mar 2016 lolpaca

Have you considered Launch Campaign instead of Medical Research Fundraiser? Seems you wouldn't want to be giving the runner any more help than you absolutely need to.

1 Mar 2016 DrMarodi

I think @lolpaca is right on Medical Research Fundraiser, this deck unlike other Jinteki decks hates the runners economy. I don't you need more econ besides Hedge; Gift and Restructure. In my version there is 2xTuring and I'm curious to see how it does. Also I'm running 2xProject Junebug because you sometimes want to provoke runs...

1 Mar 2016 lolpaca

Not convinced Ashigaru is worth it either, I think you're fine for Faust hate - Susanoo-No-Mikoto costs the same, is nearly as big a pain for Faust and a much bigger arseache for everyone else.

Just my thoughts mind, I'm looking forward to experimenting with this!

1 Mar 2016 matthopkins

I have barely played this yet, but surely Ashigaru is better than Susanoo in the current meta - not because of Faust but because of cutlery and D4V1D. Pretty much the only efficient way to get through Ashigaru is parasucker, but Susanoo just needs one D4 counter

1 Mar 2016 lolpaca

Yeah you could be right, but my thinking's that not everyone's gonna be an Anarch :) It's only 1 piece of ice in a pretty ice-heavy deck, so if they're running cutlery/D4v1d just don't install it.

It's still a big honking wall for anyone using boost breakers, which admittedly are less common these days.

1 Mar 2016 matthopkins

Not installing it is always an option, of course!

As for the fundraiser replacement options, there's always subliminal messaging - probably won't do much though. Or melange if you really need the econ.

Otherwise how about heritage committee? Draw with a bit of filtering could be nice, especially for rushing out the first agenda, and R&D will be better defended than HQ in this deck so you could always chance putting a future perfect on top for a turn while you shore up the remote, before the IAA next turn.

Junebug could also work nicely, as suggested above. But it's an asset, like melange, and the nice thing about this deck is how resilient R&D is.

One final thing - the deck you based this on probably has a little too much ice, but in my opinion yours now has too little. 17 seems about right to me.

Time for me to start testing!

1 Mar 2016 omnijeff

I think I'm inclined to agree with the fundraiser replacement, though the alternative is still an unsolved question. Going to try out a few alternatives tonight and see how they go. I haven't had much in the way of ice draw issues thus far, but I'll keep a keen eye on that to see if the count needs to be tweaked a bit.

1 Mar 2016 lolpaca

I'm gonna give it a go with -2 Medical Research Fundraiser, +2 Himitsu-Bako.

Decided against Susanoo in the end but I think Himitsu could do good work, both as cheap early protection against random snipes, and a way to quickly dilute HQ in case of a sudden Sneakdoor or something.

I do wonder if a Grim would be worthwhile, maybe in place of one Assassin, just to make the trash that much more of a sure thing with Batty.

2 Mar 2016 omnijeff

Melange Mining Corp. has seemed like a good replacement for the Medical Research Fundraiser. It helps you bounce back against vamp/siphon nonsense that makes the operations hard to play. Keep it safe in your scoring server, use it, then drop it for your points. It's a tempo loss to use it when you're doing well, but its a huge tempo boost after getting your economy stolen from under your feet.