Baristaz - 17th GLC Startup CO

bowlsley 560

I did a better write-up of this deck many moons ago - go read that for the general gist of things.

I decided to make the concept even more complicated by throwing PPVPs in, probably for little gain. I also cut the chips to fit in another Twinning, which was a much better call. With all the triggers for it, it can pressure centrals very quickly, so finding it earlier is great. Why didn't I spent the remaining influence pip on a Buffer Drive, given the prevalence of PE in Startup? Because I am a fool, that's why.

Somehow I scraped to three wins in the CO, but it always felt like a bit of a flat track bully. Against a fast corp deck it struggles, and fast decks are pretty much the only way to win as corp right now. There are better runners out there right now, and they're probably on a boat.