ANRPC GLC 2016 1st place - Kitty Cornered aka 241 Leela

x3r0h0ur 8719

This was the runner deck that took 1st at the ANRPC GLC in Chicago this past weekend. I also used it to play in the LCQ on Saturday. The record was 3-1 Saturday and undefeated with 1 tie on Sunday (5-0-1). Opponents were Palana, Sol, EtF, and possibly others.

First up thanks to Spags for running ANRPC and getting together some tough competition, and ruining netrunner. Also shout outs to people who made the weekend possible and great; LSK/Asher for offering a couch, Chill84 for another couch and actually putting me up for the night. Jake Platt (unsure of your alias, sorry) for deciding to face Leela, and the support. Thanks to my competition (dheraz, John L, Trevor Stack, Daine, and all the others) for challenging me in each game.

Special thanks again to Spags for getting me addicted to drugs and selling my soul for power. I decided to play this deck when I was unsure if boom was going to be a thing, and people might be on CI combo, two decks that this folds up like origami. With a few games under my belt, I started to realize that it had potential against basically any faction. With the addition of rumor mill, it was poised to take down the matchups that I had the most trouble with using DLR Siphon spam in the past (palana and EtF thanks to caprice). Then I found out, it has a real credible scoring threat, rather than mill out. Over the 11 games, I only successfully milled out 2 corps.

The game starts by playing threateningly with Leelas ability, set up punishing bounces, but most importantly build up board state. Early drug dealers are important because going into your deck is crucial to find your DLR package. With Wyldside on the MWL with Faust, drugs are probably better than the breakfast combo, influence considered. Having fisk to help mill is great, and when tempered with logical play, does not often help the corp.

Fisk is great here, because with rumor mill, and corps naturally playing slow and preparing for Leela hell (gang sign, bounces, siphons, setting up DLR, etc), the corp will tend to get flooded, making HQ ripe with picks when they do go to make a remote play. Rumor mill puts the pin on them when they try to purge out with jackson, and they're left with an HQ full of agendas. If unresolved, after the milling begins, you can often have 4 or more agendas in the archives, making bouncing remote scores possible.

This isn't to say that attacking a remote is bad, because the corp still has to sink cash into the ice to stop you and faust. Between rezzing credible remote ice, HQ ice from siphon/legwork/access, siphon, and trashing the DLR package, money is scarce to score. Usually in the midgame you can attack a remote to force the corp to spend back down.

Basically its same old DLR package, but more fun than Anarch DLR, and can really punish people who are not familiar with both the Leela and DLR matchups. It is also basically impervious to being killed (basically).

Changes I would make are basically none, but I had cut 1 Inside Job for 1 The Black file, and this would have been great in Elim, but each round of swiss showed inside job to be better. If you are comfortable with kill not being too big of a threat, you can change 1 plascrete to emergency shutdown (tracker/FC3 blowouts), infiltration, or really any other tech.

I believe you can go without Levy, I played it 3 times all weekend. Without levy, you could feasibly do 1 DDoS or 1 turntable 1 more DLR and make a cut. You can also cut 1 faust and go to 2 special order, but that locks you into installing mongoose at some point. I'll be testing a crazy -1 faust -1 levy +2 DDoS version for sure.

Any play questions and change suggestions are welcomed. Enjoy being the bane of Jnet for a week.

17 Oct 2016 Brendan

What's the plan vs CTM?

17 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

Keep them poor, don't score any agendas unless you have to, ride tags. There is no tag punishment that matters if you don't have an agenda. Mill out or steal all the agendas at once.

Also, don't ride 5+ tags to go into psychographics range. CTM can be quite slow, if they don't want to die to Leela BS. They have plenty of naked remotes to get your bank jobs off. If they don't play those remotes, then they're extra slow. Fisk and legwork can be your friend to close as well.

Sync is the real nightmare.

18 Oct 2016 berenzen

Have you thought about Beth as Levy swap? It's money/card draw/DLR clicks.

18 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

Definitely seems viable. The 1 cred tick would be very good, sometimes you're just a bit short of playing a breaker, or easy marking to a levy (if placed over faust instead). Definitely any 3 inf or less card is worth considering if it contributes to the plan.

19 Oct 2016 Wrecko

I like the deck. Any tweaks to run with Laramy rather than Leela? Why Bank Job over Temüjin Contract?

19 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

I dont think laramy really fits this exact style. Leela exploits the added setup time (or be punished) and gets bonus tome to set up the dlr package. Laramys ability requires lots of running, and this deck only makes key impact runs. To go laramy wouod be to rewrite the breaker and econ package. Real breakers and temujin, daily casts, sure gamble, etc. This would allow you to run, and go tagme mid game to run the mills. I feel that laramy would also want a bit more static hq threat with sneakdoor beta and/or hqi. also more denial due to the big ice in the meta, so eshutdown and crescentus. So obviously, lots of rework when you don't have leela slowing them down and punishinh early scores.

The bank jobs are because every card has to be usable from 0 or 1 credit due to the drug dealers gobbling up your cash every turn. Draw is the most important part of the deck, since its a combo deck, so you have to build around the draw engine a bit. If you could fit 3 career fair, you might be able to run temujin and some ither 3 or so to install resources.

20 Oct 2016 spags

Solid job, solid deck, solid play. 11/10

21 Oct 2016 Wrecko

Thanks for the feedback @x3r0h0ur

22 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

Testing is strong on -1 faust -1 levy +2 DDOS -1 plascrete +1 special order. Looking for that Eshutdown slot for the FC3/DNA/Maus

22 Oct 2016 harinezumi

what about e3? is it not worth the slot in criminal faust decks?

22 Oct 2016 Dazzling

@x3r0h0urim mad if i run with your last changes (-1 faust -1 levy +2 DDOS -1 plascrete +1 special order) and -1 last plascrete +1 Eshutdown? At this point the only one plascrete shouldn't make the difference..?

22 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

@harinezumi e3 has been considered but not tested. the deck operates a lot on 0 credits, it would fsr too often be clicking for credits and not advancing the boardstate if you used e3.

@Dazzling even 1 copy adds to your win rate as long as you are encountering decks its good against. its almost always a stpp gap solution to finding paparazzi and also long term solution to after/if the corp trashes everything. 1 is fine because if the heavy duty draw. If kill becomes a bigger part of the meta game, then adding it back is fine.

21 Nov 2016 formerteen

definitely going to try this soon, looks real spicy. two questions:

is all seeing I a problem? does it ruin the game or do you just levy and set back up or what?

what's an ideal opening hand? what're you looking to get installed as soon as possible? and is order of install important (so that you don't give away the plan) or do you just go for it?


8 Dec 2016 x3r0h0ur

ASI is not too bad, just keep installing stuff, hold levy, bait the use of it early. ASI + AM is game though I think.

Idea opening hand is easy mark, Faust, drug dealer, fall guy, DLR. Fisk can substitute to draw those cards, but installing Faust early is a must, drugs keep you too poor, plus it makes corps hesitate, secretly you don't want to be running remotes...basically ever if you can avoid it :P

8 Dec 2016 KryptikRVR

@x3r0h0ur What is your opinion on running Sport Hopper instead of Plascrete? It can still help out as a stopgap til paparazzi but also adds link and card draw which could be useful in other matchups.

29 Dec 2016 x3r0h0ur

Just saw this. Its probably better than 1 screte, maybe both. I don't think the link matters though. Stored draw can be good though. That said, 3 credits is tough to pay even for the scretes.

2 Jan 2017 KryptikRVR

I figure in the match ups where plas is good, hopper is almost as good and in matchups where plas is not needed the hopper has utility and sure 1 link isnt super relevant but its not a bad thing

17 Feb 2017 hutch9514

@x3r0h0ur Any changes with the new cards in flashpoint? Like Temüjin Contract and Aaron Marrón for example?

17 Feb 2017 x3r0h0ur

Temujin was out when this deck was built/played. It simply was too much overhead to be reliable. I do think that with faust Aaron can delay going tag me during setup, since it not truly pure DLR. Here is the link to my working build, I always update that specific slot in my decklist so it should stay current.

17 Feb 2017 hutch9514

@x3r0h0ur thanks for sharing!