Worlds-winning Whizzard

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Best Whiz

With worlds getting closer for every day we are all thinking about the meta and how to best tune our decks to perform as good as possible. Especially since new cards like #Boom! just came out this is really difficult. Fortunately with the stimhack slack I had access to some of the brightest minds in netrunner and with some help from Simon Moon, echo, dogs and lpoulter (not that much lpoulter really) we came up with this beast of a deck.

It started with Simon talking about the tech needed for beating CtM and then we added the tech to deal with Power Shutdown Boom!-decks which would probably have been what would win worlds if we didn't make this list.

We started out with the Whizzard deck that I used to win Nordics with, so we knew we had a solid ground. The two most important things we realised while building this deck was that:

  1. You never have to include a card in your deck if the effect can be replicated by spending clicks.

  2. Link is like permanent money

So it was really easy to see what to cut to get the tech we needed in here.

Card Choices

Most cards are really obvious, you will probably just wonder why you didn't think of it first but I'll go over the ones that might not be clear:

  • Force of Nature - This is supposed to be Black Orchestra

Thank you Simon for the base tech and for making me realise link is permanent money, echo for making me realise I dont need cards for stuff I can click for, dogs for reminding me of Sports Hopper and lpoulter for making me add trope for the sick synergy it has with sports hopper and being able to recur plascretes.

So this is us saving Netrunner, you can thank us when no PS Boom or CtM has won worlds.

7 Oct 2016 Laxen

I'm putting my money on this one.

7 Oct 2016 gozik

Datasucker seems pretty weak here. How about couple of clots in these slots?

7 Oct 2016 kollapse

The amount of 3-ofs is making me cry happy tears. The consistency, the leaness. DotW for sure.

7 Oct 2016 gejben


@gozik: That's a good point, they work well with peddlers and you can recurr them with trope!

@kollapse: More like DotC (Deck of the Century)!

7 Oct 2016 sepruda

What's the thought behind the shards?

7 Oct 2016 gejben

@sepruda: It's for countering CI 7 point shutdown and Shutdown boom.

7 Oct 2016 sepruda

Of course!

7 Oct 2016 Laxen

Should add 1x Turntable in case your GFIs get exchanged.

7 Oct 2016 mastergamer

Whats that about Trope/Sports Hopper synergy? Do you mean when the deck runs out because no Levy?

7 Oct 2016 gejben

@mastergamer Yeah, that way you can avoid even more dmg, who knows how much dmg theese PS Boom!-decks can do.

7 Oct 2016 mastergamer

Where do you put the programs? 3 breakers and 1 sucker is all the MU, as far as i can see.

7 Oct 2016 dogstew

Ugh, way to ruin Netrunner @gejben :D

7 Oct 2016 ila

So are you saying that you are going to be clicking for credits a lot? Cause that kind of looks like what you will be doing.

7 Oct 2016 vor_lord

@ila It's a joke deck, put up half for grins, and half so elitists can laugh at people that don't see it.

7 Oct 2016 ila

@vor_lordmakes sense I just couldn't tell from the tone

8 Oct 2016 gejben

@ila: yes @vor_lord is at least partly right. It's a joke-deck (thats probably not even that funny) but the intent was not to laugh at ppl who don't get it. It is probably still elitist in the sense that I assume that it was obvious that it is not a serious deck, sorry that I gave the wrong impression.

8 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

I think it says something about the state of the meta that fitting 3 Networkings and Rabbit Holes into a deck doesn't seem like a joke. Really though, you should be running Dyson Mem Chips to let you install Disrupter when your rig is up.

8 Oct 2016 cursor

Needs 3x Archive Interface for the synergy with Slums. Remove ALL the things.