Pawned Bioroid - 1st GNK DracheNäscht

Johnny B. Running 2

I won my first GNK (13 people) with this Adam deck and the Swiss Gulag deck. I‘ve been playing Adam for some years now at tournaments. Not giving up on him payed out this time. The deck went 4-1, winning against Palana, Personal Evolution, Ag Infusion and Azmari. I very much would like to write here „Employee Strike is a crutch“, but I lost hard in the Mti + Scarcity matchup.

This is the usual Adam core with a different economy package. Just pawn everything at the right time to the right dude: Aesop. Harbingers, Brain cage when the Brain Chip is up and running, Daily Casts, Armitage, No One Home, RNG Keys, Aumakua if there‘s too much AI-hate. Also consider pawning Neutralize all Threats in Asset heavy matchups. Flex slots: Career Fair, Dean Lister, Armitage, No One Home. Maybe play Caches instead of Harbingers.

Don‘t stop running!