Git Gud Kit (GNK 1st-Place)

stickboy 619

Kit is underpowered & needs more inf? NO! You just need to "git gud scrub!"

Git Gud scrube

This deck went 5-1 in a 17 player, 4 round & top 4 cut GNK! The GNK was stacked with good players including a Top 16 Worlds finalist (who gave me my only loss), a UK Regional winner & a UK Regional top 8'er. In fact some people said it was basically a mini Regional!!!

It stomped Russian NeH & a score of HB:ETF decks! Nothing could keep up!

How does it work?

Using the power of Beth you get all the clickless cards & money you need!

You think things cost too much to install cause you ain't Kate?! THINK AGAIN! Just drain 1 temujin contract & enjoy all the money you need to setup! After that, money don't matter cause you have Lockpicks, Ghost Runners & Cloaks FOR DAYS! (Especially with the lovely MU Mirror gives you!)

And what to actually do?! HAMMER R&D! The deck runs 10 R&D attack cards! Simply play which ever one Beth gives you, play it fast & never let up!


28 Aug 2016 runningman

oh man I love the look of this. congrats on the win! Do you think you would run Blackstone When it is released instead of paperclip?

28 Aug 2016 enk

Whoa, that's some seriously balls-deep R&D pressure. Grats man, always nice to see Kit do well. Been playing around with something similar, just a bit more balanced (only 5 R&D pressure cards =p).

28 Aug 2016 ANRguybrush

Needs moar data breach.

28 Aug 2016 Simone Suka

ahahah omg, 9 r&d pressure cards is awesome!) why don't try cutting the medium for 1 more temujin and freeing up 1 inf for polop?

28 Aug 2016 nutritionalzero


28 Aug 2016 Snake Eyes

A+ image.

Solid Kit deck.

Over the top netrunnerdb writeup up.

Well done for DOTW! Have an upvote.

28 Aug 2016 dawspawn

Oh man this looks like fun. I'm liking the Temujin/Stealth synergy. My first impulse was to find room for a Poly Op or a Networking, but I think I see you just want to go R&D, all day every day.

I might cut one of the Indexing for a sneaky Escher, though.

29 Aug 2016 vor_lord

@guy.brushData Breach isn't a good fit for kit, as it won't utilize her ability.

30 Aug 2016 nutritionalzero

I sleeved this up on Sunday in casual play against my two playing partners here at the Rosedale Retirement Complex in Upper Canada and by that I mean modified the Kit deck I play all the time anyway. I dropped the "Medium" (which is a stroke of genius, and my favourite Netrunner card ever, but a bit overkill honestly) for a third "Temujin Contract." I dropped the "Plascrete Carapace" (if it's your time, it's your time) and one "Indexing" for a second "Freedom Through Equality" and one of these "Stimhacks" the kids are talking about these days.

It went 2-0. "Freedom Through Equality" won the game both times, so the second one may have have made all the difference. "Stimhack" was very impactful, but I'm not sure it's the message we want to be sending to young people. "Beth" was a star (but I play 2 x "Beth" anyway). I'm not sure these victories were any more or less comfortable than my regular Kit deck, which relies—or perhaps overrelies—on "ProCo" which I like because it shows an elderly character in a positive light.

I've written at length elsewhere about how "Temujin Contract" is not a perfect fit for Kit and I find that this deck's reliance on it often left me with unpredictable amounts of money, actually. With this "Temujin Contract" everyone is so crazy about, you need to drop it on your first click and run it three times (or four with "Beth"). The problem comes if you draw into it on click one or two and need to decide to play it and run to get yourself out of a hole. If you leave more than 4 or 8 on "Temujin," your opponent will immediately look at how to tax you out of the stealth credits you would need claim your "credits" to make setting up for your R&D run less doable. "Mirror" is only in my deck for emergency MU, and 7 games out of 10 I just discard it. One recurring stealth credit is not quite good enough. It's fine, overall, but something to think about. Perhaps I wouldn't have gotten through that "NEXT/Grail glacier" so often without an infusion of 12 "credits" here and there.

Kit is simply the best. I have a hard time playing other runners who have terrible software like "Mimic," "Datasucker," and this "Gordian Blade." Every time I try playing another runner I just wonder where the hell my "Refractor" is and why there are no "Ghost Runners" in the deck. It's confusing and it makes me need to up my medication.

We're all proud of you on the Big Win. Say hello to Jonathan.


30 Aug 2016 stickboy

Thanks for all the comments & likes, I'm a bit floored by the response!

Now to be honest...the description was overplayed & obnoxious on purpose! While I do think this deck is good, it's certainly not great!

I do think it's aggressive style plays well against HB (of which I was lucky to play all bar 1 of my games against) however I don't like it's CTM match up...there's no point rushing ahead & scoring points if the Corp is just going to take them all off you when they stabilise, and if you can't threaten their Sensei's you can't hope to win before they see what they need.

If people do want to give this a try though, i'd agree with lots of the consensus of swapping the Medium for a 3rd Temüjin Contract, which gives the deck some much needed constancy. This gives you 1 inf of wiggle room, and any option of Stimhack, Networking, Turning Wheel of Emp Strike would work here.

For the lazy -

30 Aug 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Looks sweet and the clickbait writeup is tops. I think something like this could be really powerful out of Smoke.

3 Sep 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Once Blackstone comes out, you gain 3 influence. What will you spend that on?

Have you considered starting as Chaos Theory for the extra influence / smaller deck and running Rebirth?

Those two together give you a great influence boost - and the ambiguity of a CT opening means they won't know what to expect!

3 Sep 2016 thepandalion

Could I ask why CyCy is included at all? I wondered if just Refractor would be enough (or three of those) as I would rather see that, and it seems this deck could usually have the stealth credit available for buffing if needed. I've only played one game with this deck so far though, and I put CyCy on RnD but then kinda just ended up wishing it was Refractor...

4 Sep 2016 JanksonHoward

Thanks, was just about to build this and now I can just copy yours :) I'm thinking +1 Refractor -1 SMC tho

9 Sep 2016 h0bb35

I run a variation of this with Hunting Grounds and a third Temüjin Contract instead of Medium. It's awesome, except in the Jinteki match-up (mostly Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping and Jinteki: Personal Evolution).

11 Sep 2016 ClubbingSealCub

I've had a lot of success with a few tweaks: -1 Medium, -1 Dirty Laundry, +1 Temüjin Contract, +1 The Turning Wheel. Turning Wheel is slower than Medium, but the ability to attack HQ to close out the game has been a very welcome boon in some of my games.

11 Sep 2016 bubbathegoat

@ClubbingSealCubI was going to ask about HQ pressure/multiaccess. I like Escher in Kit, because it lets you undo all the work the corp put into building expensive servers for you to break into, but frankly when I have slotted it I almost never used it.

Of course, when I did use it I definitely won those games.

12 Sep 2016 stickboy

Please see the updated list here -

I did try dropping Medium for Turning Wheel, but TW is way too slow for what this deck is trying to do. As you can see above, I've since gone further & swapped the Paperclip to Corroder so I can fit in a Legwork for HQ Pressure.

I honesty think Corroder is better anyway, as it's cheaper to install (especially when you normally grab it via SMC) and there's plenty of games when you only use refractor, so the loss of INF is a real pain.

Anyway, please comment on the new page cause the bad cards in this version of the list make me wince!

13 Sep 2016 Ironcache

How is this deck not named "Kit Gud"?