Laramy Fisk: Poppin' Bottles (Pre Rotation Edition)

akonnick 2069

News of the MWL updates has pulled me out of my deck building boredom and caused me to brew again. With some time away, I've had a bunch of new cards to work with and have been building new stuff as well as updating some of my favorites.

Laramy Fisk was always one of my favorites because the deck was so chaotic and people weren't always prepared to navigate a game where they were going to get milled. I have a pretty decent writeup of the last version of this deck, but there are some key additions to the card pool worth noting.

First, The Black File is fantastic in that it gives you exactly what you need: Time. When you're hitting the DLR button repeatedly, having up to 3 extra turns to mill another 14 is huge game. Yes, the Corp can trash it. But that assumes that they have the money to fight through Fall Guys, Account Siphons and Wireless Net Pavilions after forcing them to go broke all game. With the amount of card draw in this deck, you will find this card eventually and it will help buy you the extra turn or two you need to get the job done.

Exclusive Party is a great replacement for the Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry I used to play. While that may seem crazy, you are able to operate with low money and often just need cards to fuel Faust and a few credits to install cheap resources or make a key run (Siphon, remote challenge, Archives check, etc.). There were several times when Sure Gamble (since I didn't have 5 credits) or Dirty Laundry (since I didn't have an unprotected server to run) turned into liabilities in the mid game. Exclusive Party doesn't care about your credit pool and just lets you keep going faster.

Councilman is only a one of, but helps keep the Corp honest with their use of Jackson to protect Archives. Just having a copy on board saves you clicks and lets you keep milling and Siphoning without wasting resources on Archives checks to force Jackson uses.

The rest of the deck is pretty much the same with a Femme added for remote pressure, a Sentry breaker and more versatility than the third Inside Job. I also added a Legwork to get some HQ pressure as I found that Corps often held onto lots of agendas for fear of dumping too many into Archives at once. The added draw from Exclusive Party prompted me to include Levy AR Lab Access again as you will be able to cycle the deck more than once. That said, I think it is still pretty close as to whether you include at all as DLR decks can close games out quickly once they are set up. I like Deja Vu better than Same Old Thing due to its ability to get back Fisk Investment Seminars, but you can always Same Old Thing a Deja Vu to have one ready for next turn if it is going to win you the game.

Like all DLR decks, this is a bit cold to All Seeing I, but it draws fast enough to rebuild and Exclusive Party helps you be less reliant on Drug Dealer. I have a lot of fun with this archetype and hope you have fun riding off into the DLR sunset before it rotates next year. It has been a fun ride indeed and Fisk is popping a few bottles to celebrate.

16 Jul 2016 Whizkid

Exclusive Party is a boss card. I like the Deja Vu to cycle FIS a few times to trigger more flood. Fisk might actually see the table now.

16 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

So you're Fisk, and you have your Seminar - have you tested Information Sifting over Legwork?

16 Jul 2016 akonnick

@Whizkid couldn't agree more. Getting to draw all the cards and actually make reasonable money is a great thing and the first thing that drew me back. Give it a try - it is good times for sure.

16 Jul 2016 akonnick

@RubbishyUsername I haven't played with the card at all to be honest, but that is a fantastic suggestion. Going in the list tonight. Thanks!

17 Jul 2016 Odol

Thanks for the list, @akonnick, I'm giving it a try! Any opinion on including a splash of Dr. Lovegood here, to make sure The Black File starts to expire only when you need it to? And in the meantime the good doctor could prevent you from losing money to Drug Dealers? Or is blackfiling more of a last resort in this deck, not really worth the additional investment?

17 Jul 2016 akonnick

@OdolNo problem and thanks for checking it out. I haven't tried Dr. Lovegood, but I certainly think it could work since it still works well w/ Drug Dealer as you mentioned. The easiest swap in my mind would be for the Eden Shard if you want to try it out. You will draw plenty with this deck, so one copy should be fine. You may also want to cut something for a Hostage, but I think that just depends on personal preference at that point. Am curious to know what you think, so try it out and let me know.

19 Jul 2016 Odol

Just won 2 out of 3 games with this deck - 3 different corps, 3 different players. The card draw was insane, the economy - not so much. The corps did not allow for any meaningful syphons, and both wins ended up being through Inside Jobbing their remotes and Fausting their centrals. It felt a little strange, as if I was playning against my deck, and not with it - using the Wireless Paparazzi Reversal stuff mostly as Faust fodder. The only game where I was able to set up the milling engine was the one I lost - once there was a scoring server established, I felt like all I was doing was helping my opponent pump agendas though it. Quite a strange and chaotic deck indeed - had a lot of fun with it, though :) Cheers!