Info Refinery+ (Arizona Regionals 2nd Place)

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Hey everyone,

Here's the deck I piloted to 2nd place in the Arizona Regionals last Saturday. There are some small, but important changes when you compare this to the original Info Refinery by Timmy Wong. Here's the list of changes:



The third Archived Memories was pretty awesome, as it allows you to ditch your one-ofs that are clogging your hand, but get them back when absolutely necessary. It's also easier to get the flatline with them in hand.

Bringing in Beale meant I wanted to Psycho, so I swapped a SEA Source for another Midseasons.

Finally, Exchange of Information is pretty awesome with Breaking News and GFI. The card won me two games on the day.

This deck only had two real losses. One in the final round of Swiss to Leela (a couple of unlucky accesses early set the pace for a rough game), and in the finals of the cut to Whizzard, where my opponent played really well around Midseasons (and a bit of flood).

On the flipside, I played a really standard Noise build, which went undefeated on the day.

3 Jun 2016 aero

Nice. Swap a Breaking News with 15 Minutes. More EoI lols.

4 Jun 2016 proxy

@aero that's the thing, if you can't land a midseason, you need the breaking news for EoI.