You score, I win

Lindbjerg 83

Concept idea. Have yet to test it.

The idea is to score out the sleepers with fast track/consulting visit fast track.

Build up your economy and keep the runner busy with click heavy ice and heinlein grid to punish economy.

Oaktown grid + product recall sealed vaults for 11 creds.

The runner needs to score at least 2x vanity or 2x global+vanity in order to win (assuming no notority or "freedom through equality").

Once they steal an agenda, you sea source -> exchange of information your domestic sleeper to whichever agenda they took. Consulting visit is basically there to tutor these operations when needed.

Shattered remains in case of turn table. Snatch and grab for film critic.

As mentioned. This is a concept idea only and it's subject to change once I've done some actual play testing.

28 May 2016 herod1204

Oh god this is vile. I love it.

29 May 2016 michaeln

Couldn't you replace the Beanstalks with HB operations (Green Level Clearances, say), and then use the saved influence to get another SEA Source?

29 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@michaelnI need 6 weyland non alliance cards to make the Consulting Visit cost 0 influence unfortunately.

29 May 2016 ashtaroth

@Lindbjerg I think you can swap the Global Food Initiative, for any HB three-pointer, and instead of Beanstalk Royalties you add Indian Union Stock Exchange, thus, giving you economy for the SEA Source trace. I mean... rez Jackson Howard, gain 1 is very enticing.

29 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@ashtaroth I could, but that would drastically increase the chances of the runner winning by scoring 2 agendas alone. The point of Global Food Initiative is that the runner can not win simply by getting Vanity Project and Global Food Initiative. If I was to change global, I would assume the deck would become much more prone to losing quickly because of lucky draw/keyhole etc.

30 Jun 2016 Shunsen

I would drop the Sealed Vault etc. Combo for 3 Mumbad City Hall and Hedge Fund / Green Level Clearance. Being able to play Consulting from the Deck is great...

23 Aug 2016 rcub3

My modified version of this deck. Thanks for the inspiration. I've tried Custom Biotics decks off and on, and finally found one that is quite fun.