QuetzHell (1st place Parma Regional)

Willy 161

If you think you can just play QuetzHell you are wrong, QuetzHell is a state of mind. You have to be a badass to play this list properly. Forget everything you have learned so far:

  • Never run with last click? WRONG
  • Never hold the tags without protection? WRONG
  • Surrendering when there are no solutions? WRONG

I spent months learning how to use this violencemade deck, it should be played ROARING!

QuetzHell destroys the opponent's morale by cancelling his ices, it siphons his economy, it trashes assets with corp's own money and it hard digs R&D. It forces the corp to spend the first few rounds of play to protect itself, huge advantage for every Runner. After that you'll feel locked out of servers... don't give up!! This deck is full of tricks.

Just get ready for a final assault, or think about your mistakes.

This deck is a Meta call, a ruthless beast against fast and tiny corporations. It's doing very well against butchershops , fast-advances etc ...

Struggling against heavy glaciers as Blue Sun

Really a funny deck

23 May 2016 Haecrom

Sounds evil

23 May 2016 omnijeff

Really interesting deck, I like how it combines the DLR threat with the ice destruction/medium archetype.

It obviously worked quite well and I can see how.

I'm curious how it would work with -1 Account Siphon, -1 ???, +1 Planned Assault, +1 e3 Feedback Implants.

24 May 2016 Jcree8

Nice to see a red deck without that "card" in it.

27 May 2016 basic.channel

this deck is serious. why medium over keyhole? mu?

5 Jun 2016 osclate

Played this yesterday at New York Regionals and went 4-2 (ended up 15th overall). It is such a blast to play! The games I lost were because it took too long to draw the first account siphon.

5 Jun 2016 Willy

@omnijeff: don't try to tame the beast, there is no time to play hardwares like e3FI. The plunned assount could be good... i will try.

@basic.channel: yes it is serius. I tried to add a keyhole, however it is so slow... there is no time to make that run in archives too. Maybe a 1xKeyHole just in case.

@osclate: The Account Siphon's delay is really a problem, maybe the new "Making an entrance" will help.

8 Jun 2016 buzard

How about an Amped up, just for fun.

15 Jun 2016 Deadboy13

why not drop a Account Siphon for three Fall Guy?