Casting Call + Info Refinery Hybrid

indeflab4 162

TL;DR: Some changes were suggested to @tmoiynmwg's list, so I've done that plus some personal favorites for this archetype.

Deck has really only been tested on Jinteki and at casual meetups, and previous authors have done a good job of describing this deck's strategy, so I'll just explain the changes made from the original Info Refinery list.

Recommended changes: -1 Keegan, -1 Archived, -1 Global Food for +1 Scorched, +1 Project Beale, +1 Quantum Kitty

  • Changes to the deck for those who don't like Keegan. These changes give the deck a potentially faster Scorch win, and gives you another scoring option via 3+ point Beale after a Midseasons Replacements.

Personal Changes: -1 Information Overload, -1 SEA Source for +2 Casting Call

  • I like what Casting Call does for both the scoring and flatline plan, especially combined with SYNC's extra tag tax.
  • I personally never draw Overload in time for it to be useful, and I didn't really use the 2nd SEA source in any games.
  • Breaking News + tag punishment tends to be the easiest way to land Closed Accounts/All-Seeing I compared to SEA.

Any recommendations or feedback are welcome!