Mai Sweet Lord

greyfield 3896

Took Timmy's deck and cut the kill because I have the worst luck at murdering opponents. Instead, I went all-in on the credit-bleed strategy, with surprising success.

It turns out that when tags cost your opponent three credits, Bernice Mai is brutal. Most runners in my experience when faced with Bernice with less than 5 credits will either manually trash her and lose their entire next turn clearing the tag, or just go tag-me and assume you can't do anything with those tags. Even if they have more credits, Bernice is a pretty reliable 4/5 credit tax (even vs. Whiz, once you count the opportunity cost of clearing a tag). Once there's a Bernice on every server and you can start recycling them with Archived Memories, it becomes very hard for most runners to keep their economies live.

It also turns out that when you switch Breaking News for Broken Cats, it becomes extremely painful for most opponents to earn enough points - even with all three Global Foods, they need to shell out for an NAPD or hope they can avoid tags long enough to get a QPM.

Thus your plan is actually quite simple even without Scorched Earth - punch enough holes in your opponent's economy that the scoring windows open themselves. There's nothing more depressing for an opponent than dropping an NAPD behind a cheap, marginally taxing piece of ice (enter the best boy), advancing it once, and then Closing their Accounts. If they opt to go tag-me instead, they're not only forfeiting three of your agenda points, they have to contend with giant Resistors and the threat of Psychographics to abruptly end the game.