FIERY INFERNO - Pittsburgh Regionals 1st Place

Wyrm 1086

Fiery Inferno - Pittsburgh Regional Champion

Fiery InfernoAnarch's trashing your Assets? Your ICE? Your R&D?

Time for you to turn their house into a FIERY INFERNO.

First off, I'd like to extend my deepest gratitute to @tmoiynmwg for helping me with this deck. I certainly based this on his 2015 Worlds Yellow Shell, but I removed any notion of scoring out. This deck has one goal and one goal only. Flatline the runner with FIRE.

Tournament Report coming soon on Stimhack.

10 May 2016 Dr_Feelgood

Congrats on the win! GJ on reviving butchershop. Can't wait for the report. How was Salem's Hospitality for you? And were there enough money for midseasons without economic assets?

10 May 2016 Wyrm

Salem's Hospitality is what turns this deck from a pure lucksack 80% to kill to closer to 95% to kill. The card itself almost never turns into a kill, but it can be used more as a guarantee. (It also has the upside of allowing you to use it Turn 1 to duck Siphon/Lampray).

You certainly have enough money for midseasons v. Noise. Whizzard you generally want to play a little more fast and score out your 1 pointers / astro. You're in a bunch more trouble vs Shaper/Criminal, but I didn't expect many of those.

12 May 2016 stoppableforce

I am super pleased both that you scorched people to victory, and also that your deck name and Timmy Wong's deck name are anagrams. Well done on both!

16 May 2016 Ilza

Thanks for the list, I really enjoy the deck!

I changed the restructure/closed accounts for a third Midseasons and Sensies to have a higher chance of having midseasons in hand during the opening turns as well as swapped the wrap/turnpike for additional ravens (as those are the only ice that have had reasonable impact in preventing rnd medium dig for me) but I can see the singletons creating more confusions when the list becomes more known during the later stages of a long tournament.

I'm considering cutting some more ICE to make room for another CVS that might be needed in the shaper match-up to try and prevent Clot-lock with Clone Chip. Otherwise another trap of some kind would be good, but I haven't found anything worth cutting for a second Psychic Field.