Budget bleedpool deck

WaltDixie 21

Using the Aryabhata Tech force combined with Restructured Datapool and the NBN: Making News ability. It's simple:

Rez aryabhata behind naughty ice or sneak it in some undefended server. Use a click for your scored Datapool or use Media Blitz for similar effect. In the resulting trace, use your creds from NBN: Making News.

The Runner thus faces at least a trace 4 that gives him a tag and -1 cred, and gives you +1 cred. That gives you incentive to make it a trace 5 or even 6 in some cases.

Aryabhata stacks so do the math for when 2 or 3 of those guys are rezzed.

The other cards are more basic: Keegan Lane and possibly Data Raven is the usual combo to remove whatever breaker is giving you problems (or opus for that matter). Archangel and Snare! are to slow the runner down. Private Security Force might be removed but I like it so far and because it also works with Media Blitz.

Ice is a mix of money drain ice and tracer ice with at least some ETR ability. It's quite mandatory to keep a low density of agendas because the Runner will be able to access quite a lot until you're in mid game.

Kate nexus is a bit of a risk here - Rutherford Grid should help, and is a little more flexible than alternatives such as Net Police.

Needs more testing against Anarch trash decks. Those decks will get dry on cash fast, so try to focus your moneybleed ice on r&d for that occasion.

2 May 2016 Foxtrott

Have you considered adding Surveillance Sweep in this deck? it could have some nice synergies if you actually scored your RDP.

3 May 2016 WaltDixie

Doing some changes... -1 Data Raven -1 Gutenberg + 2 Troll -2 Private Security -1 Project Beale +3 Market Research

Really happy with the Market Research decision. It works wonders when the Runner decides to float tags and tries to mill you. Market research ensures youre reaching 7 points faster than that.