The dark side of the sun v9 (2nd in swiss at Modena Play)

gabsnow18 458

Hi everyone, this is an updated version of my previous off the grid deck(check the version 8 to see the changes).Did very well in swiss beating Noise, Haley and dumbefork whizzard, lose to maxx dlr due to lucky access from the runner.You can see the deck in action soon on the youtube channel Netrunner Italia.This deck uses the same old playstile, tax the runner till death and score off thr crisium grid whatever you want once you set up crisium anc nisei on hq.Hive really shines in the deck cause ii have the whole subs almost for the entire game, and is very expensive for who uses faust or lady(also with corroder is a great tax).Interrupt 0 works well here, cause you cant ignore him and works really good on taxing the runner.Note that the ice strenght is really different, so you can easily avoid atman shenanigans.I lose in the top again aginst the same maxx dlr when i was one turn from the victory(cant find hades , fast track or off the grid in time) but trust me, this deck can really do well against every runner archetypes(i won against several valencia dlr pre MWL with the previous version of this deck).Hope you ll enjoy it, and feel free to ask whatever you want!