Quicksandteki H&P

Satellite Uplink 512

This is based on a very frustrating RP deck I played against this week, which we both recognised will gain a lot with the release of the next two sets so it's updated to Honor & Profit.

Aside from Chimera all the Ice is designed to be frustrating for the runner to break easily with the standard breakers (Eli: 4 with Corroder, Wall of Thorns 5, Inazuma and Tollbooth bug both Yog.0 and Gordian, Ichi, Komainu and Tsurigi have multiple routines to break with Mimic).

You tax and you tax and you tax, until the runner feels like they're running through treacle to get anywhere because everything is expensive. Your Agendas are all either difficult to steal (NAPD, Future Perfect) or feed back into frustrating runs (Nisei).

And, yes, it has Caprice Nisei. She will make you hate this game because she is silly.