NBN Biotic FA

Satellite Uplink 512

By the numbers, I guess.

20 Mar 2014 bubo

I've enjoyed your NBN builds on your blog, and this seems like another solid performer. However, can you explain taking 2x Blue Level Clearance over another Biotic Labor or Anonymous Tip? Netting 3 credits with card draw doesn't feel as exciting in this deck as straight card draw or an extra click, and Green Level Clearance seems to cover the hybrid need.

What are your thoughts on subliminal messaging in this deck?

20 Mar 2014 x3r0h0ur

the *LC cards help you draw into your combo pieces faster, and net you cash to boot. Think of it as 5 cards doing simultaneously what those 2 cards do separately. These cards really up the tempo of rush in the deck too. My only complaint is that theres not enough tagging to use MR over CA.

21 Mar 2014 Satellite Uplink

This build is very much a thrown together one that I've barely played. The other variant I'm interested in would be to take the influence that is going on GLC/BLC here and throw it into Power Shutdowns.

My experience with this deck is that it may actually have a little too much early Ice in. You throw down early Ice then BLC and draw more early Ice. But on the other hand if you can leverage that strong early Ice into scoring an Astroscript or securing a SanSan City Grid then it quickly snowballs.

Market Research vs Character Assassination is very much a coinflip I think. I can't tag them easily (Draco/Breaking News) and unless they're Siphoning or Data Leaking they won't tag themselves much. Most of the time Market Research is a vanilla 4/2. But I also think Character Assassination is also a vanilla 4/2 a lot of the time, and when MR is not vanilla it does more for me than CA does. Meh, who knows. I don't seem to have played against a lot of Resources recently.