Toastie's Bingoparty(Belgian Nats, 1st in swiss,5th overall)

Wet Toastie 907

So this is the corpdeck I brought to the Belgian nationals, I did not have much time to test new decks and this was the only one that worked a bit. It went 4-1 during swiss and 1-1 in the top cut.

alt text

So this deck is quite interesting, your playstyle really changes from opponent to opponent, trying to see wether they are willing to play the guessright game with you or not. Ofcourse some luck in involved while playing this.

The deck revolves around putting out advanced cards with Mushin or just by manually install-advance-advancing them. When they run into to many traps they just get flatlined, when they leave a Rewiring or Show of Force on the table you can get a kill with Neurals/Archived most of the time.

The deck is probably not optimal at all, since I did not have any time refining it. The Lateral Growths could probably be something else, since you are never really low on credits anyways.

Belgian Nats was a lot of fun, with lots of people from different countries playing. A big shoutout to Clusterfox for organizing it and to all the people that were there!

A small video from the Trace5 stream where you can see the deck in action: Short game against Jackmade

24 Sep 2018 HoneyBadger

Love this deck. What do you think regarding the najjas?? The deck does not look that rich, but a brainstorm or next diamond would be nice in this deck... I actually like Lateral growth as sort of pseudo mushins ans they give a IAA for net 0... But maybe IPOs are just a better card here...

24 Sep 2018 Jakuza


^^ Me watching this beast on stream. ^^

This deck will put hairs on your chest and give you charisma boost of at least 68%.

25 Sep 2018 Wet Toastie

@HoneyBadger I really love Najja 1.0, I think its an overlooked piece of ice. You have a point that a nice sentry would be nice! I quite like the lateral growths for exactly that reason, I'm not sure IPO would really serve purpose in the deck, there might be some other fun cards that can go in the slot of Lateral ;)

25 Sep 2018 RvdH83

A single Cobra could be good. Most players rather not take the 2 net against this deck.

If you have enough money switching a Lateral for a second Biotic could be useful. Or a third Jeeves.

27 Sep 2018 Vortilion

Don't understand how to play this deck... If I put out an agenda, the Runner somehow always knows and only runs the agendas, not the traps....

27 Sep 2018 Wet Toastie

@RvdH83 yeah a single Cobra would be very good, especially since in the top cut, people get to see the decklist and just discard any sentrybreakers.

@Vortilion Hackers keep on hacking ;) probably just bad luck. Also, people online tend to play overly aggressive, so playing this on Jnet might get you mixed results.

8 Oct 2018 spiralshadow

any suggestions for replacing Gatekeeper? I don't have R&R but would love to give this deck a try!

8 Oct 2018 Wet Toastie

You could just play Enigma instead :)

13 Nov 2018 boreira

Nice deck!!! Do you see place for Enforced Curfew? I was also wondering about adding Self-Desctructive Chips, dont know if it better than Brain Rewiring but seems simillar and than you a have free slot for other restricted card,,, what that could be here.. ? hmm