Bhagat + Maw is better than Stargate

ClosDeLaRoche 553

C'mon TheKing, you know it! Bhagat is a 0MU, 3-cost boss. Combo'ed with Maw, one HQ run per turn results in two random corp cards in the bin. For the CtM haters out there: the cards are trashed by the corp, therefore neither Bhagat nor Maw triggers ARES. Combo that with a Citadel and a Slums and CtM shouldn't pose as much of a threat.

HQ iced to the teeth? Rebirth into Omar of course. Maw + Bhagat is not only highly disruptive but acts as excellent faux-multi-access, therefore a Turning Wheel isn't needed. The one influence is better spent on Pol Op.

The deck has a great game against glacier as well. Buzzsaw over Black Orchestra for annoying little code gates like Thimblerig, Enigma and Afshar. Break larger code gates like Macrophage, Mausolus and Tollbooth with Boomerang and Botulus. Anyone who has broken Hydra, Ansel or Anansi with MKUltra can understand why I'm spending four influence on a Bukhgalter.

With the crap bin-breakers out of the deck, and cards like Hippo and Rebirth-to-Omar softening centrals, closing out the game by running every turn to trigger Maw + Bhagat is no problem.

My final note is that the deck is well positioned to play actively or passively. Rezeki, Casts, Paladin and Liberated means we can sit back & chill for a few turns without falling behind. DreamNet, Overclock, Laundry, Boomerang and Botulus means we can play aggressively when we need to. The early game has great pacing of "hit the gas for a turn or two, pump the breaks for a turn or two" until we have enough of an advantage to lean into our Maw + Bhagat combo for the win.

Have fun with this one! I especially think anyone peeved with CtM but finds MaxX too chaotic will love getting to know this deck.

Cheers! -Clos

6 Mar 2022 DonLoverGate

Looks like a bucket of fun! I've passed it onto the King, though what specifically is this a response to?

6 Mar 2022 valerian32

Cool deck!

6 Mar 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

Hey Don, nothing more than saying "(insert card other than Stargate here) is better than Stargate" tends to get a reaction out of him :)

6 Mar 2022 Diogene

@ClosDeLaRoche considering you intend to run centrals a lot, would Aumakua be a good breaker?

Thanks for sharing!

7 Mar 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

Yeah turtle would be great! I suppose -1 Pol Op, -1 Buzzsaw, +1 turtle, +1 Wildcat or Casts or Overclock would work well.

9 Mar 2022 Drager

I really really dig the deck, I tried (and failed) to build an Alice deck with a similar idea, but Hoshiko seems the better choice.

I would import Carmen when i'm not a crim for my to-go killer (and only 2 inf).

I would also include The Turning Wheel (those runs in hq would have more impactful) because with the Hippo threat corps want to double ice the centrals (and you keep 'em in a lose-lose situation: would you rez and lose the ice OR let me pass the first one and jack out, charghing the wheel?).
Also you can also think about Ice Carver and / or Leech to maximize the Buzzsaw effect.

9 Mar 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

Sounds like there will be a handful of tweaked versions of this floating around jnet casual! I do hope players tweak this and report back with their successes. BTW I did try turtle but, personally, I would rather have the Pol Op.

One card I miss is Deuces Wild. The worst game I've played was against a PD running Magnet. Deuces could expose the Magnet and Gatekeeper so you can make better choices with your Botulus and Boomerang installs. Although, Leech can help with 6 strength Gatekeepers.

9 Mar 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

& Drager I am also thinking that TTW is a must with Hippo in the deck

10 Mar 2022 gilesdavis

Love a good Slums include, fuck CtM :D

14 Mar 2022 Rahrhino

Having defended against decks like this who run MK Ultra with a single Anansi on HQ I can see the benefit of Bukhgalter, for sure. Do you miss the flexibility of a black Orchestra in the bin to prevent the faceplanting of a Mausolus or DNA Tracker?

15 Mar 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

Rahrhino, yeah I do I've tweaked this with 1x Black Orchestra and 1x Buzzsaw with good results. The deck could probably do with an Ice Carver or Leech if staying on 2x Buzzsaw.