Seamusmodernism V.2

Seamus 4744

25 Jan 2016 Dr.Evil

Just punch Seamus across the table in the face and win. You can also rob him.

25 Jan 2016 Seamus

Can't be denied.

Also, for anyone interested, the ICE should be two Changeling and two Spiderweb. My bad.

25 Jan 2016 hi_impact

Supermodernism is exploiting the meta right now. The amount of decks that just fold over to it being played / tested right now are nuts.

Leave it to SEA Source Scorched Earth Weyland to say "nah, you're deck sucks"

25 Jan 2016 moistloaf

this is the agenda spread I run in my BS Rush as well. keep on rushin yall

22 Mar 2016 SolitaryBee

I love this deck. Was urged to try it after the mention on Run Last Click and have enjoyed playing it for a few days now.

But tell me Seamus, Casting Call? I have not found an effective use for this 2 inf card yet. What play is it there for?

Have also tried swapping out a Posted Bounty for Chronos Project to disrupt recursion. Jury's still out.

22 Mar 2016 Seamus


Glad you're enjoying it!

Casting Call is, if you draw it early enough, two free points. Ideally one uses it on an Oaktown so that the face-up requirement is no disadvantage but it can be used to brute force an Atlas through too.

With your ID ability, a Casting Call'd agenda will cost the runner three tags or two tags and two meat damage to steal which is pretty rough, assuming they also still have to find a breaker for your remote.

In 9/10 cases the runner will let you have the two points or set themselves up for being killed on your next turn if they take it.

It generally facilitates the second or third score, where the runner can access your remote but can't dedicate their entire turn to just running and clearing the tags but you're not ready to play "Snare or Atlas?" or threaten the kill outright.

If you have the SEA Source/Scorch in hand and money is close, you can Casting Call, double-advance a Posted Bounty and enquire of the runner: how would you like to die?

I have experimented with replacing it with a second SEA Source for added consistency but keep coming back to it for those two generally unchallenged points a game.

It's not all gravy, of course. If the runner gets to five points it's a dead card and I would probably drop it from the deck if Film Critic makes a big return to the meta, since that card switches it off entirely.

Regarding Chronos Project, it's not something I've tested. To be honest, the deck is pretty abysmal against current anarchs (particularly Wyldside MaxX) due to Faust and Turntable and I'm not sure how much Chronos would help. Let me know how it goes though. I'm trying to figure out a new version for the current meta and am very open to ideas!

10 May 2016 jawe

Hey @Seamus, do you have updates on this deck? I played this deck to quite success (two SC wins and one runner-up GNK) and was wondering how you adjust to the meta?

I removed the raven for lotus field and one wraparound (-1 grim)

10 May 2016 Seamus

Hi. I think we spoke briefly on Jinteki, right? Glad you had such success with it!

Yep. I've made quite a few changes, mostly to the ICE suite unsurprisingly.

I'll most likely be taking the latest build to our regional in about a week and a half. If things go well there I'll publish the list for sure.