RigWrecker 5000 (7-2 @ 2 GNKs)

PapaBear 123

The Gist

This deck (and a slight Evergreen variation) went 7-2 at two recent GNKs. One of the losses was to Noise mill that kept hitting agendas, the other was to Siphon-spam Gabe where I incorrectly identified Datasucker with Targeted Marketing instead of Account Siphon. Derp. Of the 7 wins, 3 saw the runner concede while ahead on points, in one case 6-2. Their rigs were that wrecked. The jinteki.net record is something like 21-4.


The Concept

Most runners just can't find answers to this midrange-leaning-glacier deck. Program trashes fire at 4, 5 and 6 strength. Taurus often fires, and worse case scenario you can pay 3 to snipe a console or Clone Chip. And nothing beats Keegan Lane on centrals with Data Ravens and Gutenberg. I can't tell you how many times I've been on 0-1 credits, drawn a clean (unseen during accesses) Keegan and run to victory. Keegan is the heart of this deck. Things can get out of hand quickly, even for careful runners. Frequently the runner has the pieces necessary to beat a rezzed Archer, only to see Keegan trash the necessary Datasucker. At which point Archer trashes some more stuff and pays you out of bankruptcy.

But why this ID? I went with New Angeles Sol: Your News for a couple of reasons.

One, the ID is only underwhelming in matchups where the rest of the deck is already very good. Against Whizzard: Master Gamer, Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist, and Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone, for instance, the runner typically has to pay you through Targeted Marketing to have all the pieces they need. This either lets you either rez more nasty ice or gives you money to rez SanSan and score out of hand. In some matchups, however, Sol really shines. I frustrated a Security Nexus Kate so badly at a GNK she gave me 30 credits to install her Targeted Rabbit Holes, after which I narrowly won. It wouldn't even have been close if I had seen Surveillance Sweep. Against criminals of all stripes a Targeted Account Siphon turns off your biggest threat.

Two, having always-on News Hound is a big deal. It helps make 8 end the run spread across 3 types. Mimic needs help to touch it and Faust takes 3 cards. In short, with all the trashing going on, we're talking scoring windows.


Surveillance Sweep for Security Nexus problems, or for help making traces stick against rich runners.

Half-and-half asset and operation economy. Runners hardly ever bother with Marked Accounts, and a Melange Mining Corp. early in a safe place can pretty much win you the game. Runners often use precious, expendable resources to go get it.

There are quite a few agendas for a glacier-y build, but we need a couple easy scores to turn on Archer. Global Food Initiative cuts down runner-side agenda density. Chronos Project after trashing wins games. I used to run Quantum Predictive Model instead. It was nice, but more often than not I was removing a tag through Keegan and QPM became a crappy 1/3 I wished was Breaking News.

Things I still want to play with

-1 Shattered Remains, -1 Archangel, -1 Global Food Initiative, +1 Interns, +1 AstroScript Pilot Program, +1 Breaking News

Some games GFI sits in hand too long, like an overly-attached girlfriend. It makes you think about the good old days when you were dating 3 Astros at the same time. Sometimes Shattered is useless and someone gets the bright idea to set Atman at 6. Sometimes you have a scoring window but no money, and Interns-ing a Melange is all you need to close out a game. But then again, sometimes the reverse of all these things. Thoughts?

26 Jan 2016 konradh

I just won against this deck with my Chameleon Kate. After months of questioning myself " what if I run into someone who will declare "Chameleon" on Targeted Marketing" my worst day happened.

It was very close game, corp player earned about 40-50 creds from my Chameleon extravaganza, and with two Clone Chips and one copy of Scavenge, locked me out from the remote. (un)fortunately I manage to grap enough points to move pressure on R&D and find remaining agendas there.

This was also a matchup, where Taurus mattered. Corp always had enough credits to threat the trace and trash my LLDS Processor or R&D Interface so I had to break it. Usually with Chameleons!

This looks good, but I think Taurus is too situational and I would rather pack third Astro with that influence. And Interns are really important to bring back Keegan Lane or Melange Mining Corp..

28 Jan 2016 PapaBear

All good points. I play in a meta with lots of Nexus Kate and that deck is so good (particularly against non-FA) that I just plain need it. Kate can only bypass so much ice and forcing her to Nexus Taurus (because I can pay 3 to trash stuff regardless of whether she beats the trace) makes every other ice I run better. I feel like I'd nearly always see Taurus than Shattered. I go back and forth on Interns. When I really, really need money the runner usually knows what card I am installing from Archives and gets there before I can use it. Reclamation Order for multiple Keegan or Melange might be really strong, though.

29 Jan 2016 WayneMcPain

This looks gross. Well done.