Forge of SanSan V 2.0 (MWL)

Jashay 705

This is a different variation on a The Foundry: Refining the Process deck I've been playing with. One of the problems looming is the MWL; previously, it was perfectly possible to run all the SanSan City Grid, Eli 1.0 and Architect I wanted (3 of each, to be precise). But suddenly I had some choices to make.

The initial choice I made was that ICE was ICE, but SanSan City Grid singlehandedly won games. So out went the best HB ICE and one grid, and away I went.

To be fair, now I've started sorting out the money, that deck seems to be playing well. But it runs Wall of Static instead of Eli 1.0, and I die a little inside every time I see it. Triple Ichi 1.0 is great, but Architect singlehandedly stopped people facechecking my servers early game (well, almost).

So what I've done here is placed the ICE on the pedestal, not SanSan City Grid. Actually, I've gone for a compromise, and beefed up the FA options with Biotic Labor.

The basic plan is to get some fairly robust defences up quickly using the Foundry ID ability and Operation economy. If you can score out an Agenda early behind a Turing or something, you're in reasonable shape, and if you can get a Melange Mining Corp. to stick around for a couple of turns you've got enough money to do whatever.

If there's one thing I've learned from the other deck, it's not to let your money go too low. Take your time (odd for a FA deck!), as you can pretty cheerfully make a server need a triple gearcheck and possibly be AI proof. You've probably got longer than you think, but you certainly don't have more money than you think!

So, let's see how the better-ICE version plays out! Comments, questions and criticisms welcomed!

21 Jan 2016 staglore

Why the third Global Food Initiative with 21 agenda points? Couldn't you save a an influence by using 2/4 agenda instead? If you used Efficiency Committee instead of one of the GFIs, not only could you score it out of hand with a Biotic Labor/SanSan City Grid combo, you could use the extra s it provides to add points to an already scored Domestic Sleepers or click Melange Mining Corp. twice in a turn. Just my two cents.

21 Jan 2016 Jashay

@staglore: That is an excellent suggestion! There were 3 Global Food Initiative simply because originally built the deck by going 'three of this, three of this, three of this' until I ran out of space. It never even occurred to me that I lost nothing by switching to a 4/2. Efficiency Committee will be in the next version.

Now I have to think what to spend 1 influence on! Shipment from SanSan or Crisium Grid, I guess.

Thanks for the great tip!