Crisium Sun, Gridwide Takeover (Oaktown Econ)

FatalSource 6

Basic deck idea inspired by "The dark side of the sun v7" by gabsnow18 (Who in turn credits Guaina for card selection)

The main change to the deck is a restructuring of agendas to take advantage of our inclusion of Fast Track. By running Oaktown Renovation, we are able to tutor up an economy card with our Fast Track, which in turn means we can simultaneously build credits behind our Off Crisium server while maintaining a scoring agenda, meaning we can either gun for the Takeover through draw or Fast Track, or do a natural 3 Agenda score out. Oddly enough, this plan feels better suited to both a 3 and a 2 score plan, due to the absence of a mandatory 5/3 Agenda to score 3.

An additional Fast Track was added in order to streamline this plan, with the utility asset and the Capital Investors being removed to make room for the additional agenda. Aside from these changes, the list is the same as the parent list, and functions in the same way. Make lots of money, Ice Tower your HQ, go Off Crisium to score. Only now, you can score while making money!