Jinja Punitive Sports - 3rd from 52 GLC SC (5-1)

ValkyriezGaming 318

Nothing overly special here. Lot's of ICE, as much money as I could cram in, Jinja for cheap installs and defensive agendas with Punitive. You rarely score out, most wins were flatline and that's probably because opponents initially think your on spombo, then midrange glacier and a bad one at that. The centrals are leaky, but expensive for multiple runs.

Once the lists were open in the cut I didn't think it was going to hold up and it didn't in the one game I rolled corp against @Diomedes. I knew Stargate was going to be an issue and had a misay of putting Surveyor on the remote, not much good when your agendas are getting trashed before you can jam them in there.

(I conceded the other corp roll against @SirLoathing).

Thanks to the GLC team, @DanB and @Dirjel for running an exceptionally executed async event over 8 or so weeks.

8 Jan 2021 gilesdavis