Lemming Slayer - 2nd Place Itinerant Pro-Testers Tourney

Sanjay 3413

I have been known to overhype things.

But I do think this deck is pretty good.

MaxX went 4-0 in the swiss of the IPT and 1-1 in the cut.

It's a pretty decent 99 card MaxX shell. The Boomerangs are, of course, completely unreasonable for a 99 card deck, but the tournament was online so that mostly didn't backfire on me.

Big credit to osclate for some of the excellent deck recommendations to make sure the deck runs smoothly. Especially the Moshing, which I had forgot existed..

The Anarch card pool has so much depth and power that there's plenty of cuts you could make and other tools you could include. Or just add some more cards in. There's nothing magical about 99 cards except that it is funny.

Andrej from the Metropole Grid has some good thoughts on Big MaxX deckbuilding fundamentals. His deck has different tricks and treats, but he's way right. I really like his sorting of the deck into econ, ice solutions, and win cons. That's a great way to think of the archetype.

Anyway, either I'm great or the deck is great. Probably both.

31 Jan 2021 anarchomushroom

I only just realised this deck has two different consoles. Absolutely insane.

Congrats on the run! And what a final to cap it off!

1 Feb 2021 neuropantser

honestly devastated you couldn't find 4 cuts to get down to the optimal 95