The dark side of the sun v7 (1st place,Untouched by MWL)

gabsnow18 458

Hi everyone!This is the deck i ve piloted in the last Gnk in Rome, i won against prepaid kate, Dlr valencia, Leela, lost only one game against a regass maxx cause i didnt see any economy /bootcamp/capital investors/ off the grid until i drawed the 70% of my deck(it was a really close game).

Huge thanks to @Guaina, probably the best weyland player in italy, that helped me a lot in the card choices.

The goal of the deck is simple: Make tons of money, ice heavy the centrals server and then go into the off the crisium grid.Usually i score the government takeover in the 90% of my games, and trust me, with the blue sun setup is very easy.In fact, to hit your agenda off the grid they have to run twice HQ, trash the crisium and run in the remote that i usually protect with one or two ice.And this is the best case, cause if you have also a nisei on hq, or another off the grid unrezzed in the remote is nearly impossible for the runner to get into the remote. This deck have also a great matchup against the current meta runners, cause you can easily lock out Kate thanks to hive and spiderweb( that cost 2/3 lady counters each), with valencia dlr simply rez the ice with boot camp to avoid the blackmail, and then score the government takeover.This deck also destroy any denial deck with the blue sun ability , the 3x crisium grid and the ice selectio that tax a lot who plays with AI breakers like Faust ( Bye Noise).Now lets talk about the card choices.

Agenda Nothing to say here, pretty standard set, global food is a very big deal when you play only six agenda, glenn station allows you to keep in safe your government takeover until you re ready to score it.You can swap government contracts for an hades if you want.

Asset Basically to find money, Tutor capital investors to make billions credits easily putting it off the grid.Pubblic support is useful to close the game but is a flexible slot that you can switch with contract killer. Upgrade The hearth of the deck, necessary for the strategies

Operation More money+ interns to help you with the setup(in early is common that the runner hits a nisei/crisium/off the grid) and fast track to tutor the government takeover!( who says nbn?)

Ice A lot of taxing barrier, that literally drains the runners credits.Spiderweb and hive are really taxing for everyone, meru mati do a great job when you want to ice you hq quickly.Fire wall is good against atman and apex (advance it!) or also to waste the d4v1d counter.3x tollbooth are self explanatory and Assassin is a nice piece of taxing sentry.

Note:this deck need a lot of practice to play it , dont worry if the first games you will lose brutally! It is always a timing choice to go off the grid, more you play it, more you understand when it is a good time to go off the grid a when it is not. Feel free to ask me what do you think about it and enjoy!

1 Dec 2015 DarkMite2

Why Public Support? Seems like an odd 1x card. =)

1 Dec 2015 SlayerCNV

Because he need 3 agendas to win in each case.(government take hover excluded).

@gabsnow18a bit concerned about globals. I thought those too but if the runner steal government contracts it's a bit close.

1 Dec 2015 gabsnow18

@lroach2 cause if i score the takeover or two 3 pointers i can close the game tutoring it with bootcamp. @SlayerCNV i know but this mitigate the "bad statistics" on the runner accesses.So if they steal 3x global food or 2 global and Glenn You can still win,and for only 3 influence this is not to be understimated

1 Dec 2015 DarkMite2

@gabsnow18- OIC! Thanks. =)

1 Dec 2015 moistloaf

Dear lord this ice suite would be a nightmare to face. Are you really fast enough versus Noise though? Seems it would really depend on what cards he mills

1 Dec 2015 gabsnow18

@moistloaf Against noise remember that you have the boot camp to tutor jackson, double interns and the immunity to parasite thanks to Blues sun ability.For Noise a single hive is 5 cards,you can lock decently the archives and what else? One of the easiest match up

2 Dec 2015 Guaina

This deck against noise is a 90-10 in favor of blue sun no jokes: with interns you can bring back the upgrades you need to score out agendas then you usually score the takeover as fast as you can. This list is little bit lighter on the assets but i pack a contract killer and an elizabeth mills and those two wreck the poor noise since they kill wyldside and aesop so you can cripple their eco and gain a lot of time. As you said the winning condition for noise is usually to get really lucky on the mills

2 Dec 2015 ANRguybrush

This is pretty cool.

2 Dec 2015 SlayerCNV

I really don't understand why blue sun is not played in the world. Only Italy remember this id?

2 Dec 2015 gabsnow18

@SlayerCNV i dont know,perhaps this archetype have a really good match up against all the most played IDS at worlds

3 Dec 2015 SlayerCNV

@gabsnow18. We know (I'm suka eh) because I play often against guaina and some of us play dlr maxx / Valencia and similar.

8 Dec 2015 AsteriskCGY

Guess Kate should run Battering Ram.

21 Dec 2015 nbove

Great deck! I've been working on a deck very close to this list. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with the idea. A few questions about some of the card choices.

1) Have you considered running 1x Excalibur? It seems like it would have very good synergy with this deck. It would make peeling away the layers of defense over HQ that much more time consuming.

2) Have you considered replacing 1x or 2x Tollbooth with Ash 2X3ZB9CY? Ash 2X3ZB9CY can help protect a Crisium Grid or Caprice Nisei over HQ, again, making HQ that much more difficult and time consuming to penetrate (especially when combined with the Excalibur mentioned above).

3) What are your thoughts on running Orion? It seems like it would fit well in this deck. It makes a great Oversight AI target and is extremely taxing for the runner.

7 Jan 2016 gabsnow18

Hi @nbove!

1-exaclibur is a dead card here,usually yhr runner can do only one run for turn thanks to the ice selection

2-tollbooth is way more efficient than ash in this deck,and a single crisium grid on HQ is a big deal without any other upgrade.I packed a nisei if the runner play the sentire game on making money and the decide to run only when i pur my agendas in the server

3-Orion was in a older version, but it isn worth the slot,cause is top expensive top rez and hit Your early game slowing you