Proof of Concept: Targeted Marketing Deck

Krams 938

Don't dismiss the deck just because it uses "crap" like Hellion Alpha Test and Sherlock 1.0. It actually won 4 out of 4 test plays. And it's fun to play!
Speaking of "crap", I actually consider adding Invasion of Privacy.

Targeted Marketing


  • All ICE have the Tracer subtype.
    • Pro: The defense boost of a scored Improved Tracers is just nuts. It does more for you than Astro.
    • Con: Well, obviously. So far I only tested it against Sunny once. I managed to win the game, because my Improved Tracers and huge economic advantage pulled more weigth than her . But it isn't exactly the best matchup.
  • Many great Tracers were dismissed for Atman reasons. The competition for strength 4 ICE was hard with Data Raven, Ichi 1.0, Viper, Sagittarius and others.


  • If the runner refuses to let Targeted Marketing fire, this deck relies on Melange Mining Corp. to get rich. If TM gives you loads of money, just discard the Mining Corps.
  • Restructure is great to keep being rich after Melange or TM happened. I don't have too much trouble being able to play the card.
  • SanSan City Grid can turn being rich into a fast win by fast advancing agendas.
  • You're not rich? No problem, most of the ICE are cheap, most of the traces are scary enough even without money to back them up and slow advancing is not only possible, but the main way of scoring.

P.S.: Noone expects Hellion Alpha Test. It's hillarious!

26 Nov 2015 lemonwood

I love cards like Snoop and Hellion Alpha test, going to try this tonight, I report back how I do

26 Nov 2015 esutter479

This one gets a favorite from me for the flavor alone! :) Like Lemon, I love Snoop and wish I could use it more. These D&D IDs have brought out some really cool, unexpected concepts. Hope this one does well.

27 Nov 2015 lemonwood

The first game I played against a Criminal Resources deck... The moment I got Hellion Alpha Test , I got to play it and trash it The Supplier that was hosting two cards, It was amazing. Also the same game I name New Angeles City Hall with Targeted Marketing, and he played it cause he was afraid of the tags too much.

The other games I played, was most like a general Fast advance deck with actionscript :S...

27 Nov 2015 Krams

Thank you for your feedback :)
@lemonwood I'm glad you got some cool moments out of it!

I agree that it can sometimes feel a bit like a fast advance deck, but I have that problem with every NBN deck I make. I was thinking about -2 CVS -2 SanSan -1 Astro to get to 49 cards, but I guess being able to fast advance is a nice winning option and has better chances than a pure glacier.

27 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

Of course Krams made this deck. Who else would be able to produce such high quality jank?

27 Nov 2015 Krams

@mcpba Thank you, that's a great compliment for me! :D

27 Nov 2015 lemonwood

I think it may need one or two tag punishment cards, a Closed Accounts or that OP killing resource one

27 Nov 2015 Krams

@lemonwood Hmm, currently Resistor is the only thing that punishes tags and it only starts getting a problem for the runner if he floats a lot of tags. So yea, The All-Seeing I might fit in well.
What would you cut? I don't really want to reduce the amount of ICE, but I'm also hesitant to cut economy and there's nothing much else in there to begin with.

27 Nov 2015 lemonwood

Probably just cut one melage and add in a 1 Closed Accounts if it was me, Them having no money is just as good as one melage :D