World Takeover- A Meta Destroying Deck (54th at Worlds)

WhackedMaki 874

This is the deck that I used to take 54th place at worlds this year, coming in as the second best Weyland player in the world, but with the best record for it at 6-2 on the day. Sadly Edward Kim only managed 4-4 on the day, but this deck performed great!

Now to start this off I will make a bold statement - If your goal is the kill the runner than this is the best deck to do so with right now. In the King of Servers tournament I killed a Valencia with double plascrete out. In a casual game I killed an Apex with Heartbeat out. During the entirety of Worlds I scored not even a single point. I won six games on zero points, and lost two on zero points. This isn't like Butchershop which tries to make your opponent slip up with agenda pressure so you can kill them. This deck lets your opponent know you're trying to kill them, gives them time to get their protection, and then kills them anyway.


R1, PrePaid Kate w/ Rabbithole: An early Housekeeping slowed him way down. He faceplanted a Taurus which ate one of his Clone Chips early on as well. I locked down with Off the Grid and Crisium Grid with HQ guarded by Hive and Spiderweb (5 lady tokens to get in once anyone?) and then got him with Posted Bounty tag, Scorch, Scorch. 1-0

R2, PrePaid Kate: Similar to above, except he set up Plascrete. 2 Brain damage from faceplanting Janus 1.0 later and he died to Bounty Scorch Scorch. 2-0

R3, Virus Whizzard: A very grindy game where he used Faust to get in to servers enough times to snipe off a few points. I would have locked him out but Levy gave him the second time through his deck. As he got close to out of cards the second time through he managed to steal the last couple points he needed to win. Oversight never showed up this game either, so money was a bit tight early. 2-1

R4, PrePaid Kate: He wanted to be careful, he really wanted to survive. Then he decided he wanted to access the Cerebral Overwriter with two advancements on it. My friends at the SEA gave me his location a couple turns later and I blew him away. 3-1

R5, Noise: The best match-up this deck has. I just sat back as he drew through his deck with Pancakes. Datapike is the only card that takes fewer than 3 cards to get through with Faust, which means he couldn't run much. Eventually he ran out of deck, and ability to break. Posted him up and scorched him down. 4-1

R6, Leela: He tried being really aggressive on centrals and stole a couple agendas with an early Sneakdoor, but nothing outrageous. After testing him with Cerebral Overwriter to see if he'd run naked IAA cards, I IAA'd a naked Posted Bounty. He didn't run it, and then died for his troubles. 5-1

R7, Adam: The man who got highest ranked neutral runner with Adam, it was a fun matchup to play. Always Be Running can make it hard to lock him out of servers, but I think I could have eventually managed. He managed to one-in-five snipe Government Takeover from my hand though, and got a Bounty off the top a couple turns later, ending it. If it had gone longer I would have had to score out against him to try and win. 5-2

R8, Noise: Like I said earlier, easy match-up. Waited until he was out of deck and then murdered him. 6-2

Unusual Card Breakdown:

Government Takeover: I love this card. I've always been a fan of playing cards that have big flashy effects and can define entire decks. I can't think of a card that does it better than this one. It is what allows this deck to run with the ice set up the way it is. There are so few relevant accesses for them to get that most of the time you'll gladly let them in early on which you continue to build up. With the release of Global Food Initiative this deck can run at 8 agendas, and require to runner to steal four or even five of them as long as this card isn't one of them. The power in that is immense, and they will waste resources trying for something that just isn't there to get. You WILL lose games to this being stolen, but compared to how many you'll win for it being there it's worth it.

Cerebral Overwriter: If you can land two brain damage on somebody Plascrete no longer saves them. The bluff is huge as well. People don't like running naked IAA cards against Weyland for whatever reason, but if this gets to 6 advancements you can just watch them squirm. I didn't win any at worlds that way, but I have before and will again.

Snare!: A card to punish R&D digs, as well as a great mind game. As much as people hate running IAA cards, they love running cards with no advancements. The amount of times I've had people run into naked Snare! is ridiculous, and if they don't Rez it and pick it up at the start of your turn. See how often they run HQ then.

Off the Grid & Crisium Grid: A great way to set up a scoring remote. If you need to start scoring this is almost always secure enough to do so with 2-3 ice on HQ and a couple more on the remote. Protects my Posted Bounty a lot while I set up the kill.

Housekeeping: This card should be in every Weyland deck you build, but is even better in this deck. The amount of tempo hit a runner has to take when it shows up is very prevalent, especially when they want to do Shaper-Stuff™ on both of your turns. If they want to avoid this card hitting they have to have no cards in hand against a kill deck, which I invite them to do with open arms. Also a great way to deal with Employee Strike, which can be a huge strike to Blue Sun. I would run three of these if I could find the room. If you haven't tried it, go do so right now.

1x SEA Source: The second one got cut for Snare! towards the end of testing as I found it was rarely needed. Snare! gives another way to tag them as well as pressure, and your primary way of tagging people in this deck is Posted Bounty. Still good to have one floating around and with Project Atlas you can always grab it if necessary.

Assassin: The card Weyland has been waiting for. Weyland's biggest weakness has always been that their ice isn't punishing to run into. This ice is extremely punishing to run in to and is not easy to break. While HB may only want 1, I think 2 is the right number for Weyland.

Janus 1.0: I love this ice. I would run more than one if it wasn't 3 influence. Like I said above, people aren't afraid of facechecking Weyland's ice. All it takes is one late run into a Janus 1.0 to put the fear of death into them extremely fast. This card terrifies runners. As soon as it's seen, be it on R&D, OAI'd, or Faceplanted, and you pick it back up, every piece of ice you lay down is Janus until proven otherwise. Turns out at this point most runners do not actually want to Face Their Fears. Dues X and E3 are the only ways to break this ice with any efficiency, and even then it's rough. A lot of people will prefer 1x Toolbooth and 1x Lotus Field in this spot. While they're both extremely good ice, neither of them helps the game plan of killing your opponent, so Janus is my ice of choice.

If you read through all of this I thank you kindly and hope you try it out. You have to be patient with the deck, and it takes a lot of play testing to get to a good speed with it. I never went to time with it in Worlds but it can certainly be a risk if you're not used to the deck.

12 Nov 2015 PapaBear

This is great. Can't wait to try it. I was stuck with a 6-agenda Blue Sun deck forever, but your point about going midrange except for Government Takeover makes a lot of sense. Congrats on doing well with it at Worlds.

12 Nov 2015 skydivingninja

I had a similar kind of Blue Sun deck with traps and Janus, but never thought about doing the Government Takeover package. I kinda want to try it out, but did Val hurt without EBC?

12 Nov 2015 WhackedMaki

@skydivingninja If Val wants to use Blackmail on HQ twice and the remote once to get in for a point I am not all that concerned. Val decks tend to be poor, just Kill 'Em.