Breaking Fisk: Let's cook!

Haasbioroid 165

So far I haven't lost a game with this deck. From play testing through my tournament this weekend, not a single loss. I think it gets the majority of its power from people just not expecting it.

Faust lets you run early and account siphon spam. In the mean time FIS is ensuring you have cards to pitch, and they have option paralysis.

The only breakers are Faust and faerie, the faerie is just there to protect Faust. I rarely run unless I know it's an agenda or I've broken their economy so I know they can't Rez anything.

Paparazzi + data leak reversal throws more panic onto an already stressed corporation. There are games where I'll just keep tags from account siphon to activate the dlr. Plus, I'm not worried about scorch because;

Drug Dealer! Hot damn do I love drug dealer...he is the all time mvp for this deck. He's always got cards, whether you have the money or not, and since I only use 2 memory, 3 data folding and 3 drug dealers ensure that Faust is always ready to tear ass through a server.

Also, I got scorched with 8 tags yesterday, I took it and smiled. My opponent was like, how do you have so many cards in your hand? Drugs drugs drugs....DRUGS!

4 Oct 2015 pang4

Fall Guy to protect Data Leak Reversal?

4 Oct 2015 inonetrun

Nice deck. What about Bookmark? You could store cards to prepare for a big run with Faust.

4 Oct 2015 moistloaf

would recommend a Breach or Spike to solve Wraparound

4 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I used fall guy in the first version but wireless net pavilion is enough. I also had the full central breaker suite but hate it and swapped to Faust. But I could see putting in breach alone.

5 Oct 2015 Dydra

very much similar to mine, but still a bit different. congratz on your win.

5 Oct 2015 lolpaca

Have you ever found Turing a problem? Maybe add a Cerberus "Rex" H2 as well as Breach. Otherwise, this looks well good!

5 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I've yet to hit a Turing but my plan is to just ignore that server. In that instance I would just focus dlr and/or hammer centrals.

5 Oct 2015 nbove

4 influence seems like a lot to pay for a relatively minor effect on Astrolabe. Especially when you have Desperado in faction which provides a somewhat similar effect. You could spend the newly freed influence on Quality Time and/or Diesel if you are concerned about losing card draw. Another alternative would be to consider including Lamprey if you wanted to amp up the lockdown afforded by getting the corp low on money.

5 Oct 2015 AsteriskCGY

Hell where's Masanori in this?

5 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

Astrolabe isn't a minor effect. I played a lot of sideways corps, and even if they weren't they did just so they didn't trash cards. I don't feel like I run often enough for desperado to make a big impact.

5 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I hadn't considered masa nori until yesterday when I was working on an snatch version with whizzard. But ya he would be cool.

5 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I hadn't considered masanori until yesterday when I was working on a whizzard version of the deck, but ya he would be cool.

10 Oct 2015 8shanrahan

What about inject? I know you're not supposed to use your own product, but it'll get you draw and you're playing so few programs.

10 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I just dont have the inf to move around for inject, im working on an anarch variant though and that would be pretty killer with it.

15 Oct 2015 Spica

Turing in the corp's scoring server is kicking my balls.

15 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

I might drop a symmetrical visage and an inside job for 2 Rex.

21 Oct 2015 Infectiou

Why not use Vigil instead of the AStrolabes? It's the same influence and only 1 more to play, but since you are a savvy inverstor, I would expect it to trigger much more often than Atrolabe or will force the corp to play down cards that they can't rez after all the siphons.

If you want to save influence you cold also consider Box-E or Logos as consoles. They would both help with "staying high" from the drugs your dealer sold you. Maybe a little too expensive tho, with no need for the MU. Another Idea would be playing Doppelgänger and going: Mill, Mill, Mill, Run R&D, Run HQ to put pressure on all three central servers.

21 Oct 2015 Haasbioroid

Astrolabe is a meta choice for the asset heavy corps right now. If that changed then I could see a swap to vigil for sure.

12 Nov 2015 Vimes

I want to make sure I have the primary win condition for this deck down. It isn't so much to win from decking them out via DLR, it is just that that will pitch agendas and similarly disrupt them, allowing you to either score big in archives or snatch things out of remote with Faust. If it wholly focuses on mill, I feel that Fisk's ID does not add much, since once it is online why run and force draw when you can straight trash? Using his ability before it comes online, you run the risk of giving them tempo unless combined with FIS.

And we are all thinking it, but I want to say good show on playing to themes, intentional or not. Disrupting the corporation behind the scenes: throwing up blinds with his donations, TMZ stories, and networking at the Universe of Tomorrow, I cannot imagine a setup more matching with Fisk's given lore.