Vendetta reimagined(2nd place Team Covenant ANRPC qualifier)

Grazingcattle 77

Leela's ability pairs very well with DLR. Forcing the corp to cover all their servers in order to safely score, lest I hammer a server. The best part? It's a bluff

Wireless Net Pavilion + DLR looks like the start of an engine that I am planning on riding. And there are times where threatening to DLR someone 3-4 times for the forseeable future is the right play. DLR also makes people more likely to hold agendas after a fisk investment seminar if they don't have access to Jackson. The turn after a Seminar that you feel confident they don't have access to Jackson is time to legwork. Almost always you knab a agenda and can sometimes access R&D after that.

Wireless net pavilion lets you float tags and still use a resource econ. As the corp frets over DLR they leave your security testing, Earthrise, and daily casts alone.

Between IHW, Fisk Investment, and Earthrise you will regularly see almost your entire deck.

The bad news? This deck has serious tuning needs. Already I can tell to drop both shards and add 1 faust and 1 security testing. Even a Crypsis would be good. I lost to RP and a Blue sun, but beat both my NBN opponents. RP's probably the worst thing for you to see since you cant challenge defended remotes very easily and after they score the first niesei life gets much harder. The blue Sun game was a mental mistake that I shouldn't have made. I wan't under any pressue and simply got greedy.

4 Oct 2015 LSK

I like the Legwork addition, it was the first change I made when building my own version.

4 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

I love this. I just added 2 déjà vu over 1 mimic and 1 I've had worse. 1x breakers is a bit risky no?

4 Oct 2015 Grazingcattle

risky? I guess you could say that. But in my experience I have never had problems accessing the exact breaker I need with special order and all the card draw, If you are in danger of losing a breaker due to Net damage you need to install them as you draw them. If you suspect archer, grail ice, or batty form your game plan with those in mind.

Your opponent also has no idea you only have 1 breach + 1 passport. Unless they literally have you locked out of every server, Lela's ability lets you often play and win games with 1-2 breakers normaly.

4 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

Beh now keegan Lane is released no? What with a data raven +keegan on HQ/r&d?

4 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

Oh or a Marcus Batty on an ichi.

4 Oct 2015 Grazingcattle

It's worth mentioning that this is pre data and destiny. Your thoughts are valid though. Every game with Miss Patel is a tactical minefield for the corp and setting up those interactions can be difficult. You should always be wary a upgrade over HQ, as one of the best way to avoid those problems is to account siphon them to the ground and then run on servers with upgrades

5 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

And a Marcus Batty on HQ makes that server close for you if he has a single trash 1 program.

5 Oct 2015 Grazingcattle

You could certainly hedge your bets against that happening by simply adding a passport/breach. I hate drawing dead cards, and prefer playing around the potential blow outs instead.

This deck relies more heavily on the element of surprise and misdirection than powerful synergies. I don't think I would want this deck after the cut, but it certainly worked well enough during the swiss rounds

5 Oct 2015 greyfield

Congrats on the success. I agree you definitely need an AI of some kind. I went with Eater because I never wanted to get stuck with throwing away key components and am an inveterate Siphon-spammer, but I think Faust is much better here. I'm strongly anti-I've Had Worse, though; it always feels gritty paying a credit for those three cards in the early game, where money can be an issue. If you're going to take a loss on your card drawer as compared with Diesel/Inject, I think you should just play Quality Time and put the influence into fixing your breaker suite.

6 Oct 2015 Grazingcattle

I like that plan as well, but I found I've Had Worse to be instrumental since I dropped the Paparazzi and instead used Account Siphon as the only way to turn "on" DLR. Floatting tags with 5 cards in had against Weyland seems like a terrible thing, but w/ I've Had Worse they lose so much Tempo.

I am not saying that's the right play, but it was just the hair brained idea that I had at 2AM the night before the tournament. I thought I could open card slots that way... In theory it works out great. In practice my results have varied from the corp wastes their turn refilling my hand to the corp murders me and I helped!

To be fair I tested the original deck before making any changes and found that I was having trouble if I didnt land Siphons and that when I was landing Siphons I rarely needed to worry about the tags.

Thanks for your feedback. I certainly am going to tinker with this and will post my next version as well