Yusuf + Tranquilizer = ??!

Two_EG 362

Thought this was a pure jank but this ran smoother than I thought so I decided to publish it.

Basically, you can use Yusuf's paid ability to keep Tranquilizer's counter at 2. If you stick it to Data Ward or something, corp just can't afford to rez that ice again. WoW.

He is there for jank power. But whenever I see him, I always send him to Bottom.

Not sure about Influence. I decided to go with our big old friend, Maw. Good to have against asset spam, FA, and actually all the corps to end the game. I forgot how good this card was.

Enjoy your infini-derez package!

5 Sep 2022 percomis

I'm kind of confused, Tranquilizer will derez the ice, no matter if it has 3 or 15 counters, so why do you want to keep it at 2? Is the point getting free counters that you can use with Yusuf? Or am I missing a way to add the 3rd counter during the encounter?

7 Sep 2022 Two_EG

@percomis Yeah you're right. I thought Tranqulizer derez triggers at only 3rd counter, but actually it triggers on every turn... So the idea was pretty dumb :/

But as you said, feeding Yusuf with extra tranquilizer tokens feels quite good. When they trash tranquilizered ice to prevent this, we can just simulchip it to attack another ice...

Even though I made this deck with stupid misunderstanding, I liked running yusuf+tranquilizer a lot. Tranquilizer just disables big barriers like Data ward or Bulwark, so we can run yusuf as our main fractor. Though I realized adding one Marjanah is necessary. Mavirus is a thing.