ASSA: Government-Counterstrike

R31NM4N 8

ASSA: Argus Security Slow Advance

A modification on the Bluesun Punitive Kill-Deck:

Low agenda Density

Mulligan: more than one agenda no kill options Scorch or Counterstrike

How to Play

Defend R&D

Defend Assets Lightly

Maybe defend HQ if there is a possibility of #vamp or #siphon

Click for credits

open advance in a remote if you have kill cards

or Code-gates infront

Hold onto any Kill Pieces

Advance Orion if you get bored waiting for the runner to die

Errand boy will help you dig

Still being tested

perhaps some more: Lose Ice

No Film Critic in my Meta, so no need for Snatch

Mabye look into some trashing ice

Not sure on Rest or influence splurges