Rush n Trash

Satellite Uplink 512

First attempt at a TWIY deck - push agendas and kill icebreakers. Could be light on economy.

25 Feb 2014 Chimpster

If you score the profiteering, I'd say economy will be absolutely fine. The great thing about TWIY is that people don't know what to expect in ADDITION to FA. Could easily be running Psycho or Scorched. Power Shutdown will really come out of left field and catch a lot of people out I suspect. Looks solid.

25 Feb 2014 Satellite Uplink

I was just looking at this exact thing - I think it's too dependent on the Profiteerings. I'd be tempted to cut a couple of Ice - 16 Ice in a 44 card deck is not light, and the Eli don't really work with the trashing programs theme.

Possibly: -2 Eli +2 Beanstalk/GLC

Or without changing influence you could use Shipment from SanSan, Melange, or Restructure.

25 Feb 2014 Chimpster

Restructure is one of those cards that you hate seeing in your hand 50% of the time so my decks have started moving away from them. Shipment from sansan is a great way of scoring from 0, and perfect Account Siphon defence so that would probably be my choice. Melange is great for any midgame lulls and potentially fakes out the agenda/sansan though I'm not sure if it's suited to a deck running profiteerings.

I'd still probably keep the Eli's, awesome central server taxation. Be more tempted to drop 1x Wraparound and 1x Wall of Static. If you do drop them though, beanstalk seems a good route to go.

25 Feb 2014 Satellite Uplink

I think with the amount of BP this deck could throw out the Eli could find itself pretty poor taxation once Corroder arrives. I'll bump it out for now and edit the decklist.

25 Feb 2014 Satellite Uplink

Except apparently you can't edit published decklists on here. :-/

27 Feb 2014 Ajar

You can just make a new version. It will even show that it's descended from this one, if you just edit the same list that you published and don't save a copy.