Muertos Shareholder (The Capitalist)

ransomman 314

The idea is simple: Make HQ unsafe. Very unsafe.

The Shards

Eden shard actually has such great synergy with Gang Sign/HQ interface. If you have Eden Shard on the table with Gang Sign and HQ interface you can then wait until the Corp is just about to score, pop the shard and boom fresh new cards to access with Gang Sign.

Hades Shard is there as a threat. You're already forcing the Corp to make tough decisions about what to throw away by making them overdraw; why not make it even tougher?

Utopia Shard is always great for thinning out HQ on a multi-access.

Deja Vu is for recurring shards or programs... or even Fisk Investment Seminar... which is hilarious.

Vigil almost always triggers with Fisk Investment Seminar and Fisk's ability.

Central only breakers are perfect for just getting Fisk's Corp draw triggered, for the shards, and for account siphon.

Faerie for facechecks and Femme for problem ICE.

Sneakdoor is sneakdoor!


8 Sep 2015 Vimes

I really like your take on this deck. I imagine it hits hard and fast. How has the econ been in your experience? I feel like it might be on the lower side, especially if you plan on paying for Hades for the surprise factor.